The Important Facts to Consider before Buying a Laser Cutting machine

You might need a new laser for several different reasons. You might want to upgrade if your current laser system is old or if you are building a new building. A new product may need to be cut, drilled, branded, or done something else with a laser.

No matter the cause, it would help if you asked yourself several questions during the evaluation process. An industrial laser can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, so you want to make sure you get the most for your money.

Is the laser strong enough to do the job?

This may seem silly, but it’s still important to ask before buying a heavy machine like the 100w laser cleaning machine. As technology gets better, consumers will have more laser options. Before making a choice, think about the laser’s type, range, and power. This is a great place to start because it forces you to think about only a few options.

Can the process meet the standards for quality?

No matter what it is used for—marking, engraving, drilling, or welding—your industrial laser must meet the quality standards of your company.

Can the process meet the requirements for cycle time?

Since the laser will probably be part of a more extensive system, you’ll need to determine how quickly it can do its job. Think about several options before making a choice.

Check to see what the laser can do.

The next step is to test the JNCT LASER you’ve chosen to see if they can do what you need them to do every time and still finish in time.

How can you make sure that an industrial laser works well?

This question is about how to keep track of quality. Before you decide whether or not to use a laser, think about how it will work with your specific product and material. The quality must also be checked in the following places:

Machine vision is used to mark where the part is before it is processed.

After processing, make sure the final product is good quality, easy to read, and in the right place. If you want the best results for your application, you need to be able to try out different wavelengths. You can only do this if you have a wide range of lenses and accessories.

You are putting a Laser Inside 5. How will the laser fit in with how you do things now?

Industrial lasers are often used as part of a more extensive manufacturing process that includes robots, automation, and people who move materials. It’s essential to think about the system and how the laser fits into it.

Keep in mind that you may have to try different things to find the right mix of automated features for your business.

How much more can you expect the system to give you?

Investing a lot of money like this is a way to ensure you have a promising future. Even though growth isn’t always a given, it is the end goal. You want to make sure that your capital investment will be able to meet production needs now and in the future.

Final words

As a business owner, you should ensure that the equipment you buy will meet your production needs and work well with your other systems. Not all laser makers will give you these guarantees, so you’ll have to use your judgment and analysis.

We’ll build and customize laser solutions for you based on how you want to use them and how they need to fit into your system. We call this method “Laser-Focused Engineering” because it uses cutting-edge lasers, application knowledge, cutting-edge vacuum sealer machine vision, and automated part handling.