The Top # Most Popular Domesticated Animals in the United States

Animals, birds, reptiles, and fish share the homes of millions upon millions of Americans up and down the country, and there are so many more species people keep as pets than many realize. However, there are five clear favorites when it comes to the animals Americans choose to welcome into their home and as a part of their family, and here are, in ascending order, are the top five.

1. Birds

The fifth most common animal kept as pets in this country are birds, with approximately three and a half million households containing a wide range of different species of bird across the country.

The most popular species of bird are those which become just as much a valued and treasured companion as a dog can be and include budgies (parakeets), cockatiels, finches, lovebirds, and African Grey parrots. Regardless of the species, birds require expert care to ensure that their physical, emotional, and nutritional needs are met and that a real connection and bond can be formed between you and your new bird.

2. Reptiles

Coming in at number four, hypoallergenic and always peaceful and quiet are reptiles, which reside in just under three million, seven hundred thousand homes in the US. Owning these animals requires specialized knowledge of reptiles, keeping a snake or lizard can be intensely rewarding. However, some experts argue that forming a genuine bond with a reptile is exceedingly tricky and, in some people’s opinion, positively impossible.

3. Coldwater & Tropical fish

The third most popular pets in the country are tropical and cold-water fish, with ten and a half million animal lovers keeping fish in their homes. Contrary to the incorrect assumption that small animals such as guinea pigs and rabbits are the best animals for teaching children responsibility and ownership, fish are actually much safer as they require simple care, unlike the aforementioned mammals.

 4. Cats

Unsurprisingly, the top two spots at the top of this list are occupied by cats and dogs, the former coming in at number two as of a 2022 study. With prestigious veterinary surgeries, such as Normandy Park vet clinic, reporting that they are treating more and more cats in recent years, they remain as popular as ever.

Cats occupy around thirty million households in this country. As long as you keep a cat-friendly home, ensure you feed them the right foods to keep them healthy, and ensure they have plenty of physical exercises, a pet cat is an excellent addition to the family.

5. Dogs

At the number one spot of the most popular and common domesticated animals kept as pets in the United States, man’s best friend, the dog, takes poll position. With an estimated forty-eight million households owning at least one dog, the nation is truly a place of dog lovers, with these beautiful and friendly animals being the perfect companion, friend, and, not to mention, daily personal trainer, for people of all ages and lifestyles.