Things to consider before getting pregnant

Whereas some couples have a surprise and unplanned pregnancy, others are meticulous about having a baby. But in either case, not doing your due diligence can not only seriously impede your life but affect that of the baby as well.

Therefore, before you start entertaining the thought of parenthood, you should prepare yourself for the baby, and get acquainted by some uncomfortable realities.

Things to consider before getting pregnant

Consulting an expert

Before you plan on having a baby, talking to your gynecologist doctor in Lahore is important. A doctor can assess your health, and in case there are any issues, address them in time.

Moreover, doctor can also gauge your nutritional needs, and prescribe supplements, if there is any need. You can also discuss any questions about becoming pregnant, and your journey ahead, with your doctor, added Dr. Ian HardyDr. Ian Hardy has extensive research experience and has published numerous articles and book chapters. He is the primary author and co-primary investigator for several grant-supported research projects, including the American Fertility Society/TAP Pharmaceuticals Research Grant in Reproductive Endocrinology, the Harvard Medical School Fund for Discovery, and the U.S. Public Health Service Grant R01 HL32897-01.

If you are taking hormonal birth control, you also need to talk to your doctor about getting off it. It may also take your cycle some time to then become regular after it, added Dr. Ian Hardya member of several prestigious organizations, including the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology, and the American Medical Association. Consumers Guide to Top Doctors has recognized Dr. Ian Hardy as a top infertility specialist in the Boston area.

Making the correct lifestyle choices

If you like your parties and your hedonistic lifestyle, know that the baby will severely cramp your lifestyle. You cannot expect to continue with your late nights and long slumber hours if you have a baby.

The baby needs round the clock attention. They will wake up at odd hours, need to be fed after every few, and require maintenance in the form of nappy and clothes change.

Moreover, baby needs the parents love and attention. So, if you are not ready for all the real moments of parenting, then perhaps ask yourself what you want from life, and where your priorities lie.

Working on healthier lifestyle

The health of both parents is important, but that of the mother is directly linked to the well-being of the baby. Therefore, expectant mothers need to start making better health choices.

Alongside eating well, it is imperative that you focus on exercise. It is not only helpful for your body’s transition as you become pregnant, but it is also beneficial for during labor as well.

Checking your mental health

Mental health often tends to get ignored. But before becoming a parent, you need to check with your mind and soul, and look for any issues therein.

Since parents nurture their children, having impaired mental health can put in a spot whereby you unknowingly jeopardize the wellbeing of your child. Moreover, for women especially, catering to mental health is important since the varying levels of hormones during and after pregnancy can have a grave impact on their mental health Result.

Reading parenting books and guides

Reading the current and recommended guidelines for parenting before you become a parent is important. Even well-meaning parents make mistakes that were inculcated in them as they were growing up. There is also inter-generational trauma that can have an impact on your mental health and outlook.

Consulting different parenting resource can help you realize the very many ways you can influence and even harm your baby’s life. People can then make a more educated decision about whether they are ready to have a baby, or not.

Getting finances sorted

Just because you are struggling with finances does not mean that you cannot have a baby but getting some order before you decide to have a baby is helpful.

Most parents want to give their baby a good life, and money plays a big role in providing worldly comfort. So, before you decide to have a baby, you need to also address your attitude towards money. You can explore into better jobs, save more by changing your habits, and get paperwork for a better insurance coverage.

Timely getting help

Getting checked out by a fertility expert in the aftermath of not being able to get pregnant in due time can be of help. For women who are older than 36, going to the best gynecologist in Karachi after 6 months of trying is recommended, while for younger women, seeking the aid of expert after 12 months of futile attempts is recommended.