Things to Look for with Split System Air Conditioner Cleaning

Cleaning air conditioners is an integral part of routine maintenance that will help your system run efficiently. Regular cleaning helps you to get less repair work  and electricity bills as well. 

 If you plan to clean your split air conditioner, you can clean your air conditioner for smooth performance with a bit of time, patience, and precision. Here, in this blog we have discussed the things to look for with split system air conditioner cleaning. Let’s check out!

Cut the Power of AC 

Make sure there is no power supply through it, while cleaning your air conditioner. Turn off all energy to your air conditioner, including the powerpoints your air conditioner is plugged into, the circuit board, and, if feasible, the wall charger. Or go through the instruction manual that came with the air conditioner. If you don’t have your instruction manual, go to the manufacturer’s website and download a copy. 

Note: While you may be tempted to clean the condenser coils on your air conditioner yourself, it is better to ask professionals to do so.  

Filter Panels Should Be Cleaned

One or two air filter panels are fitted into a conventional split air conditioning machine. These are the first line of defence against dust and bacteria in your air conditioner. You could also notice that your air conditioner contains a secondary filter that helps to purify the air.

The more clogged and unclean your air conditioner’s filters become, the harder it will have to work to push air through. The bad news is that this will increase your electricity bills and cause your air conditioner to short-cycle, shortening its lifespan.

It’s simple to clean your filter panels. Remove the filter panels by opening the plastic cover. Take the filters outside and give them a good shake or brush. Shake or smack the board against a post or railing to eliminate any dust and filth. Use a vacuum cleaner to take up any residual dirt or grime for a thorough clean. The dusting brush head on  vacuum can come in handy here.

If the dirt on air filters won’t come off, it is recommended washing them in warm water with a mild detergent and rinsing them thoroughly. Make sure they’re completely dry  before reinstalling them in the unit.

Clean the Louvres on Air Conditioner

The angled oscillating slats outside your indoor air conditioning unit that direct airflow is known as louvres. You may see dust gathering on the surface of your split air conditioner if you haven’t used it in a season or two. If this is the case, we recommend cleaning your louvres and the space behind them using a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner inside the unit. An antimicrobial solution can be sprayed over the louvres as per the requirements. 

Exterior Cleaning

Wipe off the outside casing of your indoor air conditioning unit if any dust has accumulated. This also applies to  outdoor air conditioners. Brush away any dust, leaves, or cobwebs regularly, and keep it clean of anything that could block the air movement.

It’s worth contacting a professional service expert to do your Split System Air Conditioner Cleaning once or twice a year.