Things you need to know about renting with pets in London

Finding a home to rent has become a simple process altogether, with growing buy-to-let properties being bought by investors. However, people hunting for homes that allow pets to stay alongside them is more of a challenge in recent times. Amongst the hundreds of properties out on property listings for rent, only 7% of them have been marked pets allowed. However, finding one can be effortlessly done with the assistance of Knightsbridge letting agents. Even with no proper authorised laws against tenants with pets, it depends entirely on the landlord to come up with the tenancy rules for people with pets. They can give outright disapproval or have certain limitations towards this category of tenants. Landlords allowing pets in their property have a broad scope for attracting more tenants quickly. Those planning to get a pet along with them, all the possibilities they can come across during property hunt.


Property options are invariably flooding in the online portals, especially those looking for rentals who can find plenty of them across neighbourhoods. Instead of finding random properties and getting turned down for owning a pet, searching for pet-friendly homes for rent will be the best approach. Several online listings are dedicated to pet lets that possess a collection of homes where pets and people can live together in peace.


Despite being a pet-friendly country, it is fair enough for most landlords to forbid animals on the property premises. To be considered for owning a pet in the UK, it is better to have a well-behaved pet in the first place. Often, people who own pet dogs get rejected more than those who have a cat for a pet. Having a perfectly trained pet will convince the owner to an extent.


It is typical for tenants to pay their security deposits after signing the tenancy contract. When people with pets rent a home, they are obliged to pay a higher deposit amount where an additional 4 or 5-week rent is charged. This is done to cover any possible damages to the property caused by the pets during the tenancy period. This deposit will be returned at the time of vacating.


Except for a higher security deposit, letting agents in Marylebone and other boroughs of London cannot claim any additional extra fees for renting a home with a pet. However, landowners can charge for pet insurance along with regular rental charges. This insurance covers all damages caused by the pet throughout the tenancy period. This is not a compulsory expense for a tenant and entirely their choice to accept it.


With an adorable pet sharing the house along with its owner, there is one more reason to extend the length of a tenancy contract. When renting a place with a pet, getting written consent from the homeowner approving the pet’s presence and other necessary deals is discussed by word. If the tenant gets a pet in the middle of the rental period, they can mend the contract accordingly.


Renting in London could be a money-saving option compared to buying a property, although it comes with a few complexities. Landlords have the liberty to frame any rules, especially when living with pets on their premises. Tenants staying there shall stick to the regulations imposed by their owners. Any breach in rules will have a serious impact on the tenancy, which might end up in a legal dispute.


Despite being a pet-friendly residence; many landlords are anxious about the breed they might have to let and the possible aftermath. Even before they jump to a conclusion or a false opinion, it is better to present all the facts clearly. Drafting a pet CV with all the required details of the pets like breed, age, vaccinations, flea removals, training details and other necessary information.


Nothing is more effective than a good testimonial from a reliable person. When owning a pet, it is essential to stay in the good books of previous landlords. Apart from the common pet animals like dogs and cats, other pets can also benefit from this reference. A real-time experience for the landlord with the well-trained pet of the renter will paint a clear picture and build more confidence.


Normal tenants, when they vacate, need not necessarily paint or perform a deep clean unless there is serious damage to compensate for. When pet owners rent a place in London, they can pitch for cleaning up the entire residence when moving to another city or house. These kinds of offers are attractive and an undeniable one for the landlords. This way, individuals can live peacefully with their pets.