Tips On How To Buy A Nice Cuban Link Bracelet

There are different types of jewelry trending nowadays, from various earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets. If we talk specifically about bracelets, then one of the most popular and in-demand styles of bracelets is the Cuban link bracelets.

The Cuban Lick Bracelets are perfect for both men and women, and even teens can wear and style them with their outfits. Therefore, if you are planning on getting some Cuban bracelets, here is a guide for you that helps you find the perfect Cuban link bracelets.

Why everyone loves Cuban Link Bracelets:

Cuban Link Bracelets were originally found in Miami Cubans and hence got the name Miami Cuban Link Chain. In the past, this style of bracelets was called the Hip Hop Jewelry, which means that most of the hip-hoppers wore this jewelry as their statement piece. But now, you will see that almost everyone owns these Cuban link bracelets.

One of the reasons people love this jewelry item is that it is very easy and a minimalist way to uplift your outfit. You can either wear these elegant bracelets alone or pair them with other bracelets, such as a gold bracelet.

Other than that, the Cuban Link Bracelets are going to stick around for a very long time, this Cuban Bracelet is not specific for a race or color of people, but everyone in the world can wear them and look elegant as well as classy.

So now you know why people are so fond of this type of bracelet, and now if you are thinking of getting one of these, then here is everything you need to know about the Cuban Link Bracelets.

Everything you need to know about Cuban Link Bracelets:

Following are some of the important points that everyone should know before they are going to buy Cuban Link Bracelets:

1. Style of Cuban Link Bracelets:

When you are going to look for the Cuban Link Bracelets, you must know the style and design it. The Cuban Link Bracelets are made with an interlocking pattern. These are circular, or oval-shaped gold pieces interlocked together to form a beautiful thick and sturdy chain. You can get these Cuban Link Bracelets in gold and diamond, but the most common ones are the gold bracelets. You can find some beautiful and nice Cuban link bracelets from ItsHot.

2. The Metal used to make Cuban Link Bracelets:

The most common metals used to make these elegant and trendy Cuban Link Bracelets are silver, gold, and platinum. But there are some other metals as well that can be used for the manufacturing of these bracelets. Some other metals can be added to enhance durability or change the bracelets’ color.

For example, rose gold and copper are used together to make a pinkish golden shade; here, two different metals are used in the jewelry. If you really want to buy gold bracelets, the most common and popular gold bracelets are these Cuban Link Bracelets.

3. The Size of the Cuban Link Bracelets:

When looking for the Cuban Link Bracelets, it is necessary that you know what size and thickness you want of the bracelet. The Cuban Link Bracelets usually come in millimeters, so when you go to buy these bracelets, the shop person asks you for the bracelet’s thickness and width.

When it comes to the size and the thickness of the bracelets, it depends on personal preference. Some people like very thin and petite bracelets that look classy, elegant and give a feminine touch. Whereas a few people are into the bold and flashy size of the bracelet. Men generally wear thick and big bracelets.

4. The Quality of the Cuban Link Bracelets:

If you are getting these Cuban Link Bracelets, you must check the bracelets’ quality. If you are getting the Cuban Link Bracelet made with gold, it is extremely important to check the carat, the purity, and many other gold-related things.

It is crucial that you know any other metal used in gold, such as silver, copper, or nickel. You need to check the weight that is the carat of the gold as this will decide the pricing of the Cuban Link Bracelet. The common carat used to make these bracelets is the 24K gold, which is known to be the purest and the best quality of gold.

5. Decide the Style of Links:

Even though the standard Cuban Link Chain has circular or oval-shaped interlocks, you can definitely determine any other interlocking style or how close you want the locks to be.

It will ensure whether the design is durable or not, and it will also decide the look you are going for. If you are looking for a thin bracelet, you can go for small locks, but if you want a thick and bold bracelet, then opt for big interlocks.

6. The Smoothness of the Cuban Link Bracelet:

Suppose you are getting these Cuban Link Bracelets; therefore, you also need to check the finishing of the bracelet. It will show how fine and beautiful your bracelet will look. You need to ensure that the bracelet’s surface is smooth and not rough. Run your fingers across the surface to feel for any jagged or sharp pieces.

Your bracelet should be smooth and have a regular surface as this will show the quality of the bracelet and will make it more pretty and appealing to the eyes.


So here are some important things that you need to consider and keep in mind before purchasing the Cuban Link Bracelets. These bracelets are perfect to amp up your outfit and make it look trendier and more elegant. Since these bracelets are so easy to style and can be worn with any outfit and at any event, every person wants them in their collection.  But if your bracelet is of cheap quality and does not look good, it can be a major turn-off. Hence, before purchasing the Cuban Link Bracelets, learn everything about it, the different styles, designs, metals used to make the bracelets, and even the quality of these jewelry pieces.