Tips to Buy Branded Men’s Sunglasses Online

Sunglasses are for the protection of your eyes from the hot sun, but it also makes you look cool. Sunglasses have been a major part of the fashion industry, and celebrities have always worn different kinds of sunglasses throughout history.

The mens designer sunglasses have been a popular item for younger and older men equally, helping them protect their eyes and look cool at the same time.

If you want to buy some designer eyeglasses, you should know about the reason/purpose for that purchase. People buy eyewear for several reasons, and sunglasses are one of the popular eyewear in the market, and it’s always been a kind of fashion statement.

If you are thinking about buying suitable designer eyeglasses online, the best fashion you can follow the tips mentioned below:

People have these six types of face shapes, though some may be a mix of two types. To choose the correct men’s designer sunglasses, you need to know the shape of your face. The following are the types of face shapes:

  • Round face
  • Oval face
  • Square face
  • Heart-shaped face
  • Rhomboid face
  • Triangular face

Here are the types of branded men’s sunglasses that will fit each face category:

Round face- A face with softer edges. A boxy frame/rectangular would balance out the roundness of the face.

Oval face- Has softer edges and is longer than it is wide. There are no strict guidelines as this face type is compatible with every kind of sunglasses. Pick a style that defines who you are and goes hand in hand with your other accessories.

Square face- Has defined edges, a square jawline, and a broader forehead.

Teardrop-shaped sunglasses are suitable for this face type. Aviators or shades with rounded shapes will be best for your face. Soft lines on a sunglass will balance the defined edges of your face.

The heart-shaped- face has a wider forehead too, and cheeks are narrow at the jaw.

Avoid shades that are heavy or wide. And teardrop shades are not at all suitable. Other types of shades will suit you well.

Rhomboid face- this type of face has wider cheekbones than forehead and jaw.

Round and rectangular shades are not suited for this face; instead, get a pair with taller and wider lenses.

Triangular face- this face has a wider jaw than the forehead.

Shades that taper towards the bottom would flatter your face shape by bringing the proportions to a balance.

These are the best sunglasses for men’s fashion. The next question that comes to your mind is, does sunglasses make you attractive? The answer is a yes! These shades protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and add style and class to your overall look.

The reasons why the shades make you attractive are:

It gives you symmetry- studies have shown that the more symmetrical the face is, the more attractive it becomes.

Creates mystery- when someone is wearing sunglasses, it is hard to see their eyes. Hence, when the eyes are hidden, everyone will be curious to see how you look without the shades.

Confidence– however, if your eyes look bad in the morning, or even if you are feeling sleepy, the shades will hide it—you can do your presentation or speech without any hesitation.

These are the reasons why you become attractive with a pair of sunglasses. So, shop carefully and pick wisely.