Top 5 uses for your pressure washer

A pressure washer is a great tool to have for home use. You can do a number of cleaning tasks with one for yourself, instead of paying someone else to do them for you. Here is our guide to five main uses of a pressure washer. Summerville Pressure Washing Pros is the company to call if you need pressure washing.

1. Home exterior

A pressure washer can be used to clean virtually any part on the outside of your home. Many people will concentrate on only keeping their windows clean but what about the exterior walls? Pressure washers are particularly well suited to cleaning vinyl and brick finishes so nothing is stopping you from giving your house a clean, fresh look.

2. Driveways and patios

Another popular use for a pressure washer is to clean driveways and patios. Whether yours is concrete, tile or wood a pressure washer can be used to give it a deep clean. You will notice a significant difference in colour when using a pressure washer. Because of the high pressure of the water, it gets even the smallest dirt away.

3. Fences

A great way to keep your fences looking good and clean is to use a pressure washer. Whether it is made from metal or wood, your fence will get a new lease of life if you use your pressure washer to spruce it up. It may also have the side effect of making your neighbours envy you for the fancy new fence you just acquired.

4. Furniture

Another way to put your pressure washer to good use is to clean your outdoor/garden furniture with it. Again, whether you have plastic, vinyl or wooden furniture the washer will clean it quickly and effectively.

5. Grills

Remember that outdoor grill you got for your birthday and have not used all winter? Well, summer isn’t too far away and it is time to get it ready for a weekend BBQ. A pressure washer will help you clean even the smallest speck of charcoal and leave your grill shiny and ready for use. No more scrubbing the grills to get them clean. Now you can just use your pressure washer and have it done in a few minutes.

Three bonus uses

Reverse graffiti

Another use for your pressure washer is to make reverse graffiti with it. It is quick and easy. All you need is a stencil to place at the desired space and then use the pressure washer. This will clean the surrounding area and between the spaces of the stencil, so when taken off you will have the desired design without any use of paints and spray cans.

Fish cleaning

You can find youtube videos on how to clean a fish with your pressure washer. If you go fishing and come home with a good catch, you can use your pressure washer to clean it for you.

Tip: Be careful about the level of pressure as it can take the skin off completely. If the fish is cut somewhere, it is not advisable to use the pressure washer on it.

Pest control

It is not the most popular use but regular deep cleaning can deter most rodents and rats from taking up residence in your living space. This will also prevent Wasp from making nests on the exterior of your house.

If a nest has already formed some people may try and take it down with a pressure washer from a distance. However, it is not advised as you could face an attack by angry wasps. It is safest to call a professional to deal with established nests.