Ways To Smoke Shatter

If you’re trying to get a bigger kick from your smoking sessions, or you’re looking to consume a purer substance shatter may just be what you’re looking for. Shatter is a crystal like substance that is typically golden, or yellowish. It comes as an oil that is extracted from the THC producing cannabis plant. To then be processed to generate the harder substance that we know as shatter.

As is the case with many of these marijuana concentrates the way that you smoke the substance is really going to be key to your entire experience. If you’re keen to invest in a better substance it makes sense to also look into ways to smoke it that are going to allow you to truly maximize the flavor. Yes, you could put it in a joint and light it up. When you’re doing that, though, you’re essentially selling yourself short on the whole experience.

What Ways Should You Smoke Shatter?

To be able to get the most flavor and raw rolling papers scent out of shatter it needs to get really hot. Therefore, dabbing, and other vaporizing methods, as well as putting it on a pipe are the common recommend ways to smoke shatter. Ideally you’ll have the right tools to be able to complete the process accordingly. You do need to make sure that you’re able to get the substance hot enough. Lighting up a bong with shatter can truly be a unique experience. Particularly for people who are new to the substance.

Vape pens have also become a popular way to be able to consume some of the top bulk shatter Canada has to offer. By the way, Canadian shatter has been known to give off unique aromas and create overall experiences that you may not get with other options. The key is still to make sure that it burns hot enough. If you go the tacky way and light it up in a joint you won’t be able to get it hot enough for the most part.

Also, the mix of flavors that you can get with the rolling paper is not ideal. Most people are looking into these types of substances for their purity. It wouldn’t make a ton of sense to combine some of these flavors.

The Way That You Smoke The Shatter Can Make Your Entire Experience Vary   

If you are looking for a big kick, and you want it to be a more personal experience, going with a vape pen or a pipe can be your preferred smoking methods. With some of these substances people like to enjoy the experience as a group. So what they’ll do is light up a desktop vaporizer. That can be a better way to make sure that shatter goes around. Make sure to get a vaporizer, though, that you’re confident can burn really hot.

It could be said that multiple smoking options are in a sense valid. It comes down to what you are looking to get out of the experience. To be fair, that’s something that can be said about virtually any smoking experience.