welding safety

How should I behave? for safety in welding work

In jobs related to industry or engineering It is imperative that you come across and take risks while working at all times. Both from machines and equipment that require great expertise while working. Or will come across situations that require us to perform extreme stunts or work in a life-threatening area. And one of the most dangerous jobs in construction is welding.

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Welding is a job that uses fire to connect steel together. Of course, the danger of this work is

  1. Dangers caused by nature which will be further divided from

   1.1 Electrical shock hazard

   1.2 Danger caused by burning

   1.3 Harm caused by radiation energy

That can be divided into infrared rays that cannot be seen with the naked eye Including also causing high heat radiation and can also cause harm to the skin or is it ultraviolet rays That can cause harm to the skin without good protection. And finally, X-rays. that result in different dangers

  1. Hidden dangers in the welding system which is a danger caused by different substances that came out of that welding since

2.1 Welding fumes and dust

These things are in the micro-level and may accumulate in the lung spaces until pneumonia up to lung cancer These are all produced by substances such as zinc oxide for coating metals. Calcium fluoride delicate floating in the air All of these things cause our internal and external organs to have almost all problems.

2.2 Gas generated by welding

which generally produces carbon monoxide, ozone and oxides of nitrogen. which affects the body as well

Regardless of the source of this danger, everything is harmful to the body. From the outside like the eyes or skin to the inside like the respiratory system etc. which if still allowing these dangers to continue to affect the body It will definitely cause the operator’s health problems. Therefore, it creates awareness of safety in welding. It is something that is talked about a lot and should be considered very much there.

For safety in welding, there are methods as follows.

  1. Must use a mask or goggles in order to prevent fireball fragments and radiation This will help make our eyes less affected there.
  2. Must wear long sleeves and long pants. Fingerless gloves Including should wear ankle shoes or safety shoes. to prevent fireballs
  3. In the welding machine There should be a protective device or switch to cut off the power. to avoid excessive use of electricity
  4. All junction boxes must be grounded.
  5. Do not use copper wire instead of lead fuse.
  6. Electrical cables should have good safety standards. and must always be kept in good condition
  7. Gas cylinders and equipment should meet appropriate standards to enhance safety.
  8. The gas cylinder must be upright and secured with a lanyard attached to it.
  9. Gas cylinders and acetylene production tanks must have a gas pressure gauge. pressure control valve and working pressure gauge in good condition and safe
  10. Acetylene gas production tank There must be a safety valve.
  11. Valves, pipes and fittings used for oxygen gas shall not contain oil, grease or grease. Also, copper pipes must not be used for acetylene gas water pipes or other components.
  12. The gas welding nozzle and the gas pipeline must be in good condition.
  13. A back-fire protection device must be installed on the acetylene gas pipe before connecting it to the gas welding unit.
  14. Calcium carbide storage tank Must be a metal tank that prevents water from entering. and located on an elevated area of ​​at least 15 centimeters
  15. Waste material Must have a dedicated storage container with a tight lid.

In addition, another thing that will help make the welding work possible safely is the safety of the work area.

  1. The surrounding area must be fireproof material. and must not be rough or waterlogged
  2. Wall or ceiling should be made of solid refractory material. It should also be at least 2 meters high from the factory floor.
  3. There must be a scene made of non-combustible materials. For protection against light, radiation and fireballs.
  4. Must not place materials that are incompatible or fire resistant in the area where welding work is being performed.
  5. Ventilation in such places must be provided.
  6. Must provide adequate lighting.

Therefore, welding safety is something that all operators in this field should be extremely aware of because once we are aware of its safety it will help to keep the worker safe from electrical hazards. The heat from fire or radiation is very good or at least greatly reduces the impact on the body, therefore awareness or understanding of welding safety is of paramount importance to the job. Construction or the industry of all the workers there and it also helps to make the construction work done well.