What Do Plumbers Use To Unblock Drains?

Many homeowners call drainage plumbers when they have blocked drains. It happens, no matter how careful you are in the kitchen or bathroom. It doesn’t matter if it’s food stuck in the sink, hair blocking your shower drain, or tissue blocking the toilet. You need to get it out ASAP or it could lead to a serious plumbing problem.

Today we will look at the tools a blocked drain plumber uses to unclog drains. We’re confident you will find the information you need to unclog your drains.

1. Plungers

This is the most commonly used tool not only by plumbers but also by drain repair specialists to fix minor clogs. Plumbing tools such as a plunger are essentially the first-aid solution. They can remove obstructions but not as much as they can loosen them. When you call an emergency plumber Melbourne residents trust for blocked drains, they may be using one of the following tools or machines.

2. Manual Drain Snake

For drain repairs, most plumbers use a manual snake tool. This is a small auger that rotates when it is pushed through the drain pipe. The tip has a hook that looks like a corkscrew and is used to feed the drain. As the handle of an auger drum rotates, the corkscrew-shaped tip turns. This allows the manual snake to remove soft clogs from the pipe. A manual drain snake is used to remove common materials such as hair, grease, oil, small solid foods, soap suds, and dirt.

Manual snake drains, however, are the most basic tools that a drainage plumber has in their arsenal. This tool is easy to use and doesn’t require much preparation. Although it does require some elbow grease, drain snakes are a powerful tool for unclogging blocked drains.

3. Motorized Drain Snake

Motorized drain snakes work on the same principle that manual snakes but offer greater reach and power. These motorized tools can be used when a manual drain snake is unable to do the job. A motorized drain snake has a reach of approximately 150 feet and can easily force its way through the pipe to drill into the blockage. To remove a blockage, plumbers simply need to turn on the motor and direct the snake.

The plumbers can recover tougher debris, such as cement, grout, small plastics, and joint compounds, that have made it into the drainage system past the filter that blocks it. A motorized snake drain is just as effective as a manual one but better.

4. Cameras For Drain And Sewer Lines

Cameras for sewer and drain lines sound like something you would find in a spy book. This could be true, but high-definition cameras are now common in plumbing. They have helped plumbers identify the source of most clogs. Experts in drain unclogging have used cameras to view the inside of pipes, find the blockage, and determine its material. These valuable pieces of information have made a significant impact on the plumbing industry. They have enabled professionals to look at the inside of a pipe structure to identify what is blocking it and to make it easier to clear the drain.


These tools can help you remove clogged drains faster. For faster results and better results, professional plumbers can be called.