What Features To Consider When purchasing a Used Telehandler

A telehandler is a machine designed to lift heavy loads and move them from place to place. They are commonly used in construction sites, warehouses, and other industrial settings. These machines are commonly powered by hydraulic motors and are controlled through a joystick.

The main advantage of telehandlers is their ability to carry large loads at high speeds. In addition, used telehandlers come at a lower price than new ones. This makes them attractive options for those who want to save some cash. However, choosing the right telehandler can be challenging.

So, here are some things to look out for when choosing used telehandlers for sale

1. Capacity of the Machine

Check the capacity of the used telehandler for sale. The weight should be stamped on the forks to ensure you get the right machine to handle the required tasks.

Also, consider the number of forks. If you opt for a used telehandler for sale with attachments, check that the set of pallet forks has the same serial number stamped on them. It’s impossible to buy a single fork as they are bought or replaced in pairs. So, if you notice they have different numbers, something is wrong.

2. Lifting or Mast Height

The mast height of the used telehandlers for sale must go hand in hand with its capacity. For instance, a 5500-pound capacity machine should have a mast height of between 7 and 19 feet. Also, choose the boom design that matches your needs. For example, high-profile booms are perfect for pick-and-place jobs, while low-profile booms are ideal for ground engagement and loading work.

3. Its Tyres Condition

Worn-out tires provide little grip, especially if the machine is intended to work on silage clamps. On the other hand, splits and cracks can make a loaded machine dangerous. So, negotiate a better deal if the tires need replacing or adjust your budget to cover the replacement.

4. Its Mechanical System

Used telehandlers for sale have diesel engines. You can learn a lot about the machine’s mechanical system by how it starts. If it starts with a simple touch on the starter. But if it requires you to grind on before starting, the engine may have serious issues.

Also, run the machine in all gears to identify leaks and check the condition of the fluids. Confirm that there is power in all gears, reverse and forward. Also, check the brakes’ ability to stop and hold the used telehandler for sale.

5. Job Specification

Ideally, you need a machine that will meet your company’s specific requirements. For example, if you plan to use the used telehandler for sale for earthmoving projects, you might want to consider a high-capacity model with front and rear hydraulic cylinders. But if you plan to operate the machine in a confined space, you need a compact design.


Used telehandlers for sale come at a good price point. So, to save some cash, buy from a dealer who offers different financing options. Also, ensure to test drive the machine before purchasing to get a first-hand feel of its operation.