What is a Telegram Used For?

Before you download the Telegram application(tg网), you might want to learn more about the various functions available on the platform. Among those, you can find messages, media, Stickers, Polls, and other features. Let us explore some of these features in detail. Messages: You can send and receive messages by typing text into the message field. Then, you can send and receive files of all kinds, including images, videos, and music.


To send video messages on Telegram(tg中文网), you must first switch to camera mode. Tap the camera icon and record a message. Once you’re done recording, you can lock the camera and send it without compression. You can record a voice message as well. When you’re finished, tap the three-dot menu and choose ‘Send without compression’. Then, tap ‘Done’ to send the message.

Another useful feature is the ability to schedule personal or group messages. Once you’ve created a group, you can schedule a message to be sent at a later date. To set a timer, simply tap on the name of the chat. You can then change the settings for the message. If you’d like to delete the message, tap on the “delete” button. After that, tap on the “restore” button to restore it.


The messaging app Telegram is gaining popularity among users as a powerful alternative to dark web sites. Cyber attackers use Telegram to distribute malware and infect devices. It has also become a hub for controversial content. It is imperative that Telegram enforce stronger privacy policies to protect user information. It should also step up its crackdown on cybercrime and take proactive measures to take down illegal content. Here are some examples of cases where Telegram has been used for media.

Although Telegram is popular among its users, it is still undergoing controversy. While it is popular for many reasons, it does suffer from low moderation. Users are exposed to controversial content less frequently than on other messaging platforms. However, it remains the best option for those who want to chat privately and anonymously. The platform also provides secure chats and file sharing. With the rise in popularity, it has spawned many fake news and media platforms.


You can now create your own stickers on Telegram. To make a sticker, just upload a transparent PNG or WEBP image to the Telegram app. You can either drag and drop the image from your computer or create one yourself. After uploading your sticker, it will prompt you to choose a name for the sticker. It must be short and contain no spaces. Once the name is ready, you can share the URL of your sticker pack.

You can create your own sticker set by using a sticker app. To make your own video sticker, you must first create a PNG file. Once you’ve done that, open the application’s “Stickers” tab and click “+” to add it to your profile. Then, tap “Add sticker” in the sticker menu and then “Add image” on the left. You’ll see the list of commands.


Creating a poll on Telegram is a breeze. You can create the poll in the chat using the official VoteBot bot. Add it to any channel or group and start sending polls. You will then receive responses and can easily manage them with the chatbot. Once you have your poll created, you can send it to as many groups and channels as you want. You can send the poll to as many users as you like and have it live within seconds.

You can also use Telegram for polls to gather customer feedback. The poll feature is available in groups and channels and allows you to ask users multiple choice questions and subject-based quizzes. The service is available worldwide and you can create them without having to worry about complicated settings. To start making your own poll, just go to a group on Telegram and tap on the “attachments” menu. Choose “Polls” from the list of options and click the Create button.

Scheduled messages

When you want to send a message to someone on a particular date and time, you can schedule it using the Scheduled messages on Telegram feature. Scheduled messages are also great for groups on Telegram, as it prevents you from forgetting to send one. To schedule a message, all you have to do is open your Telegram application and tap on a chat. Once you’ve selected the chat, type your message into the editor, and then tap on the send button. You’ll receive an alert with a reminder to send another message at a specified time.

Once you have scheduled a message, you’ll be able to see it when it’s time to send it. The message will be delivered at the time you set for it to go out. Unlike traditional email campaigns, Telegram will keep all the messages you send in a list, making them easier to find when they’re needed. In addition to being free, Telegram also has some great features and tools.

Self-destruct timers

If you have ever sent a message that contains a self-destruct timer, you’ve probably experienced the disappointment of seeing it disappear after a few seconds. This is because the feature only works in Telegram Secret Chats. You can set a self-destruct timer by tapping the clock icon in the message’s Message tab. The message will begin to disappear after two green ticks appear on the recipient’s screen.

To use a self-destruct timer on Telegram, first you need to open up the conversation you’re in with a contact. From the profile page, tap on the name of the contact. After that, tap on the three-dot menu icon. Select “Secret Chat” and confirm. Next, you need to choose whether to enable the self-destruct timer and select the length of time you’d like your messages to be deleted.

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