What is the reason for being overweight?

Are you suffering from being overweight? Well, being overweight can cause a lot of problems for men. We will discuss the various ill effects of being overweight. Well, one thing is for sure.

If you are overweight then you may suffer from more and more complexities in life that may force you to take pills like Cenforce 100 and FIldena 100.

The proble3m of being overweight has grown up to become quite a serious challenge in men of youth age due to their ways of leading the lifestyle. Most of the time we think that being overweight is only possible due to a bad diet more focused on the intake of junk food items. But most of the time there are other linked reasons behind this too.

What are the most common reasons for being overweight in men?

In today’s world overweight and obesity are4 posing to become a serious challenge in men particularly the youth. A nation with an unhealthy overweight population of young males is not certain to be proud of for any country.

Here are some of the reasons why you might be suffering from overweight and obesity-

Poor food diet

Of course, this is the most common reason but unlike what you think it is not the only reason for suffering from overweight problems or obesity problems.

Poor food and diet with more focus of the daily diet towards junk canned and packaged food items that contain unhealthy preservatives, or even transfats in them is the reason.

If you wish to overcome your poor diet then  you have to discard any food item from your daily meal list that contains a lot of unhealthy trans fats and saturated fats

Lack of activity

Sometimes inactivity or laziness throughout the day is also one of the common reasons behind you adding on weight excessively. You may have seen that people who are inactive and have no work to do apart from eating… sleeping and repeating can be overweight.

To recover from this situation try and be more active in any way possible. Whether it is about doing your household chores, doing physical exercises, morning walks, or other activities.


Suffering from excessive stress can be one of the less-known factors to fuel up your overall weight. Yes, scientists have done much research on this topic to find out that suffering from excessive stress makes your body release cortisol hormone which is the reason why your body is adding up weight. This happens due to cortisol increasing the levels of insulin due to which blood sugar levels drop resulting in your craving for more and more food.

Genetic disorders

Scientists have also done much research in the field of how genetic disorders can fuel up obesity and they have found light. It seems that certain genetic disorders such as the Prader Willi syndrome can cause genetic disorders and a rise in obesity.

Lack of sleep

If you don’t sleep enough then you may suffer from rising in weight. Doctors believe that not being able to sleep raises your stress levels that we have seen to be one of the causes for being obese itself. On the other hand, doctors also explain that during sleep our bodies will be able to better digest and absorb nutritional elements.

How is being overweight dangerous?

Being overweight can be dangerous. If you don’t know the level of severity overweight can bring about here are a few complications that you may suffer from as a result of being overweight.

Increases damage to your blood vessels

Your blood vessels start receiving damage due to the rise in fatty tissues. It certainly compresses the blood vessels and this gradually damages the blood vessel tissues by putting more pressure on them.

The rise in blood pressure

Suffering from obesity means that there will be also an increased potential of suffering from high blood pressure. This is again because of the deposition of the fat on the lower epidermis males the minute blood vessels flatten out and there is a deprivation in blood flow.

Increased chances of suffering from stroke and heart attack

You suffering from overweight issues raises the chances of suffering from a stroke or a heart attack. Now, this is again on the same grounds that damage of the blood vessels and arteries getting constricted means that your heart now has to pump blood more effectively and this creates more pressure on the heart sustaining it over the years can lead to a chance of a stroke or a heart attack.

Increased chances of kidney disorders

You may as well suffer from kidney disorders as well due to a rise in weight. This is due to severe damage to the nephrons that cause the disorders.


We come to conclude that being overweight does have a lot of complications arising from it. Certainly, you may have to suffer from additional tension as you suffer from having to take pills like Vidalista from Powpills.com.