What Material Is The Best When Choosing Mosaic Tiles?

Mosaic tiles have the ability to turn a boring, underwhelming space into a real eye catching inspiration, and when seeking to enhance your home or change its style to reflect your personal taste or the latest trends, they offer an affordable, long lasting option. 

With mosaic tiles being so versatile, there are also plenty of different types of them to choose from, and to help you pick the best tiles for your home, you can read on for a brief guide or click here to explore your buying options:

Natural stone

Having been used by a variety of different cultures around the world for thousands of years now, natural stone mosaic tiles help to give a home a naturalistic, earthy look and feel. For this reason, they can also be used to great effect outside, in a garden, on a balcony, or around a seating area. From polished marble to different-coloured pebbles, finding a pattern you love is easy with this durable tile options. 


If you want to create a more industrial look and feel in your home, or just in one particular space, you can’t go wrong with metal mosaic tiles. The sheen they give looks outstandingly stylish and elegant no matter the space, and the reflectiveness of them helps to bring more light into a room. With a more modern feel, these tiles come in lots of different styles and designs, and are both moisture and stain-resistant. 


Having been used since Roman times, glass mosaic tiles are enduringly stunning and durable, and are both moisture and stain-resistant. Choose from hundreds of different colours and use glass mosaic tiles to add class and personality to any room in your home. 

Ceramic and porcelain

From retro rooms to chic spaces, there’s nothing ceramic or porcelain mosaic tiles can’t do for your home! extremely resistant to water, they are a fantastically practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to any bathroom, and would also work exceptionally well in kitchens on countertops, where their moisture and stain resistance qualities come to the fore. 

Here are some ideas as to where you can put mosaic tiles in your home:

Although in theory, you can have mosaic tiles in any room or area of your home, traditionally they have been used to great effect in the following:

  • Showers

A natural place for these tiles because of their water resistance, ease of maintenance and overall stylish appeal, you can turn your shower into a spa-like experience with mosaic tiles.

  • Kitchen backsplash

Again, being water resistant and easy to clean means that mosaic tiles are perfectly placed in the kitchen, and in particular, as a backsplash. Use bright colours to add charm and interest to what is often otherwise a dull and uninspiring area of the kitchen, and if you’re not sure how they will look, why not start off with a few, and add more according to your taste or needs. 

  • Floor-to-wall

These tiles look fantastic in a room like the bathroom, and when you use mosaic tiles to cover both the walls and the floor, you can create a clean, relaxing and pleasing atmosphere. Plus, as an added bonus, you can keep the whole space much cleaner with a lot less effort.

There are so many advantages to mosaic tiles that choosing to add them to your home is a no-brainer. But, choosing the material they should be made from might not be so easy. Why not pop into your local tiling shop and get a better feel for the different types of tiles yourself, before scheduling a visit from a professional to have them expertly fitted.