What to consider when buying wooden Keychains?

A keychain is a gift that always triumphs, because who does not have keys? For this reason, at Vograce, we want to offer you a wide and exclusive catalog of key rings that you can customize to your liking so that you can impress with this gift.

You can create the keychain at an incredible price. Write a name, a funny phrase, or a phrase of love. Get creative and customize this gift however you like. We assure you that our keychains never disappoint ibibo.club.

Shapes for keychains

Star shape: in carved wood. This product is a hit with friends and family. Choose a good phrase that reminds him of you and you will have an original and elegant gift. 

Plate shape: stainless steel plates are the most popular among couples and among parents who have just had a baby. With the names of both and the date, it is a nice gift to tell that special person that you remember her or to remember the day of your child’s birth and even the weight.

Rectangular shape: For teachers or for someone you care a lot about. You can choose the phrase “thank you for making us grow”. It is a nice detail that makes the difference between the rest of the gifts.

Circle and heart shape: two keyrings made of wood with a cotton tassel. Special for grandfathers and grandmothers. You can write the name on the back so they remember you every time they look at ideaplane.net.

The cheapest original gift

This gift is a token of love, easy to order, and the best value for money. You can choose between shapes, phrases, and colors (brown, aqua or salmon pink), and we’ll do the rest.

Customize your own laser engraved wooden keychains with names.

One of the benefits of choosing wood keychains is that, by having the possibility of engraving them with the laser technique, you can personalize them with different names each, so it will be a perfect gift for your employees, or for your guests at weddings. 

Frequently asked questions about wooden keychains

What can be engraved on wooden keychains?

This product is a nice detail to give as a gift that you can customize with your company’s logo so that it can travel everywhere on your customers’ keychains; with the individual name of your employees, so that they have your brand present in their day to day; with special dates and dedications for occasions where there is something to celebrate… There are many options for your personalization to become a special memory!

How are rustic wooden keychains personalized?

The material of these items, bamboo or beech wood, makes laser engraving the perfect technique to make the most of any design. The logo will be engraved on the surface that allows legibility and complete definition of the design. With this rustic and artisanal touch, your brand will stand out with class. Other techniques that can also be done are pad printing and resin drop if you prefer to make a color design.

What is the best occasion to give custom wooden keychains?

Engraved wooden key rings are a merchandising item that will help you make your company known, especially if it is related to the rustic, artisanal, and outdoor activities sectors. Also for events such as weddings and celebrations, where you want to deliver a detail that guests and attendees will use daily imahima.info.