When is the Right Time to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

After getting injured at the workplace, you might get confused about whether you need to hire an attorney.  Most workers are not aware of their legal rights after they have been injured. It leads to confusion, errors in the claim and hence, denial. That’s why, it is strongly recommended to contact a Virginia Beach workers’ comp lawyer, who can show you the right path throughout the process. However, it is important to learn that your injuries and losses can have a great impact on your decision.

Scenarios when you can represent your case 

Let’s discuss when you are able to handle your workers’ compensation claim. Some of them are as follows:

  • Your injuries are not major ones. For instance, you might have just slipped and twisted your ankles or received a cut, which can be treated with the help of first aid. 
  • The employer is ready to pay the compensation that fully covers your medical expenses and losses.
  • Your work has not been affected because of injuries. If you don’t need to take any leave, you can represent the case yourself.
  • You don’t have any pre-existing injury that affects your current medical condition.

Despite these uncomplicated situations, you can contact an attorney who can guide you in a better manner. Most of them offer free consultations and you can make the most of this opportunity.  During this meeting, he will educate you on the entire process and alert you of the possibilities of unfavorable circumstances. Moreover, he will also suggest whether you should handle the case yourself.

Hiring a lawyer in workers’ compensation case

It is important to know when it is the right time to hire a qualified attorney. Generally, you must hire an attorney as soon as you encounter any complexity in the case. Some of the situations are mentioned below:

  • If your employer is denying the claim and does not wish to pursue the case, you should get in touch with your attorney and become familiar with your legal rights.
  • If the offer made by the employer and the insurance company does not cover all medical expenses and losses, you should hire an attorney because he can evaluate the fair claim amount.
  • In case of temporary or permanent disabilities, you must not file your claim without the help of an attorney.

After carefully assessing your situation, nature and extent of injuries, you should make the right decision.