Where did you grow up, and how did you start training?

Kim Sibson greening: I spent the rest years of my life in Mahan Sara Kham Province [in the northeast]. Then I followed my father to Bangkok because he was working there. Even before I got to Bangkok, I had always been fascinated by May Thai. My father knew this and brought me to a camp for training.

What does May Thai mean for you?

May Thai is an important life experience for me, and it’s also my profession, which provides my income. I ongoing my even exercise at the stage of thirteen. In my I needed a lot of ability, and I lost. My adversary counseled me to upsurge my exercise. The next year I focused on hardworking exercise, and I didn’t compete in any. Then I was ready to twitch my modest vocation. Afterward my chief ten contests, I enthused to the Site.

Competitive career?

Kensal Fly was very significant for my fit growth. As a new boxer he was a outstanding role classical for me, and he still is today. The trips abroad were really interesting. I speak some English, which helps a lot. I love my home country, Thailand, very much, which is why I feel most comfortable here. My abroad was in Suriname


To get a Thai athlete, I have to prepare myself with intensive training, particularly concentrating on knee techniques and clinching. Foreign haters are physically strong, but sometimes they are concerned about technical skills, particularly elbow techniques, and are somewhat nervous in their fights.

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