Why is Google Forcing You to Have an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate or secure socket layer creates an encryption link between a website server and browser. This digital certificate authenticates the website’s identity and ensures the connection is encrypted. This particular bit of code provides security for all online communications. When your web browser connects with a website, SSL ensures the connection is encrypted.

Why is an SSL Certificate Important for Google?

Google has made the SSL certificate mandatory for numerous reasons. Your website must have an SSL certificate as Google’s main aim is to show secure and trusted websites in its search engines to become a trusted source; thus, it pushes websites with HTTPS on top. Other reasons why Google is forcing you to opt for SSL certificates are:

  • HTTPS gives a strong ranking on google making your website appear on top in search results as it creates an encrypted link between browser and server.
  • You will be building trust with your customers as the essential part of running a business is having your customers’ full trust. Customers will be at ease as it will be protecting sensitive customer data ad internal data, thus building a relationship of trust with them.
  • You will be less at risk of getting hacked. Without a secure encrypted link, you are more prone to hackers gaining access to sensitive information like passwords or credit card numbers.

An encrypted link establishes protecting sensitive customer information, and that’s why Google forces to get an SSL certificate. It will also result in google becoming a trusted search engine providing reliable and secure websites.

What Happens If You Do Not have an SSL Certificate?

As Google has made the SSL certificate mandatory for all websites, there are certain consequences for people still not willing to get it as your website is not secure and prone to hackers. Also, Google warns people if they click on your site of the potential threat and push your website rank down in the search results while giving space to websites having an SSL certificate. You will lose your brand image as other competitors will become more visible.

How to Get the SSL Certificate?

Google does not directly issue SSL certificates; however, many places issue a cheap SSL certificate with complete safety. The process of applying is simple and quick. To generate an SSL certificate, you need to generate a CSR, your company’s validation documents, and your WHOIS records. Once you have these things, submit them to the certification authority along with the required information. Once you are issued the SSL certificate, install it on your website to ensure a safe place for your customers.


Having an SSL certificate is highly important to establish a secure contact between your website and audience, thus being mandatory by google to get one. Many websites provide SSL certificates at low prices to submit the required information and documentation to issue an SSL certificate.