Why Should I Pursue a Tekla Certification?

Tekla Structures is one of the industry’s most influential and cutting-edge solutions. However, because there are so many tools, options, settings, and opportunities for customisation, learning and certification take longer. You can develop confidence with precise data by taking the Tekla certification training.

Tekla software is built on the principle that you should access all the information you require, from conceptual design to improvement, manufacturing, and project building. Improved data integration into buildable models, better interoperability, and better collaboration all result from connectivity.

Why should you take TEKLA Certification in Consideration:

Some of the main advantages of obtaining a Tekla Certification include the following:

You Can Reach Your Full Potential:

Tekla technology creates new opportunities for the building sector. Tekla Structures is the first state-of-the-art 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) solution that provides an accurate, dynamic, and data-rich 3D environment. The Tekla model includes all the information required for conceptual design, detailed design, and manufacturing in a single environment.

Uncover Few Options:

For structural engineers, concrete detailing designers and manufacturers, steel detailing designers and manufacturers, BIM specialists, contractors, and companies that employ them, Tekla’s education and certification are vital. You gain better abilities, knowledge, and a solid reputation by earning the Tekla certification. A certificate of success will be given the following certification.

Acquire More Knowledge:

You will recognise and understand the intricacy of using a Tekla Structure as you begin your Tekla-certified journey by learning to model with both old and new tools.

The Few Available Courses Are Listed Below:

Here we have listed down the possible available courses for you:

Tekla Structures Foundation Course:

Tekla structure course lays the groundwork for Building Information Modeling (BIM). You will learn about Tekla Structures’ numerous features and configurations and BIM, its processes, and its benefits. You will get the knowledge necessary to produce basic 3D models and production data.

BIM Modelling Course:

BIM Modelling Course is intended for Tekla Structures users who want to expand their knowledge and experience by using practical examples to enhance their fundamental 3D BIM abilities.

Tekla designs advanced courses. Tekla Structures experts who have completed intermediate courses and want to earn an advanced certification should enrol in this course. Applications of abilities in a complicated setting are required for course assignments.

Use Tekla To Streamline Your Work:

Tekla is an advanced structural BIM certification that enables you to create, combine, manage, and distribute multi-material 3D models with much beneficial construction data. Tekla Structures can be used throughout your project for design, information management, infrastructure planning, manufacturing, construction, and maintenance.

Obtain Grants:

The construction sector faces a workforce shortage in numerous parts of the world. As a result, several governments fund training in this field. That typically entails a sizeable reimbursement of training expenses.



Regardless of your level of BIM proficiency. With our available Tekla training programme, you may enhance your abilities by earning Tekla Certification and getting the most out of it.