Why should you not buy Instagram followers? What to do instead?

At $1 per follower, getting 1000 followers seems very reasonable. If it was that easy and cheap, everyone would be doing that. But why is everyone not following this trend? These followers can cost you anywhere from minor view box 2000s of dollars. It depends on how much you are willing to spend. However, buying followers is against the terms of service of Instagram. You may spend more than just money if you buy followers.

Buying Instagram followers

Where to buy Instagram followers from? Unfortunately, most websites for buying followers provide you with bot accounts or dormant accounts. If you purchase bot accounts or inactive accounts, even unknowingly, Instagram can detect the same and remove those followers.

To buy followers, you go to a seller or a website that delivers the followers or bots. You provide them the information they are looking for, your credit card details, and set the number of followers you want. In a few minutes, your followers will start arriving in your account. In a couple of days, you will have the number of followers that you asked for. However, a few days from then, you will notice a decrease in the follower counts. The company may start to remove the followers.

If you are wondering how to buy followers on Instagram, there are several factors that you need to consider. First, you need to have a strong profile. This includes your username, profile picture, bio, and feed aesthetics. In addition, you need an active Instagram story so that people spend more time looking at your account.

There’s another disadvantage to buying followers. Since these are bot or inactive accounts, you will not receive any active engagement on your posts, videos, or reels. All these followers would do is increase the follower count. Certain companies have streamlined developing bots to the point that these can be sold as followers. These bots also steal other people’s identities to look like real people on Instagram. These people may seem to be natural, sharing and liking material. However, these are not genuine people. Any engagement generated by them will be minor. The one thing you need to remember is that Instagram is constantly updating its algorithms to fine-tune the bot detection and remove them from Instagram. Thus, it’s a huge risk you are taking if you purchase Instagram followers.

The perfect location purchase followers

If you are thinking of purchasing followers, you should go for authentic websites that would provide you with real-life followers. One such website is Famoid. The reason Famoid is famous is that it provides active followers who are people interested in the same niche as you. Thus, when you get such followers, they will interact with your profile. They may even purchase from your company if they like your product. Thus, it is comparatively much safer and worth your time and money.

Alternative to buying followers

The latest algorithm of Instagram prioritizes interaction over follower count, showing material that users have previously liked. You may use the different features of the platform to find your ideal audience. There are many ways to generate engagement.

Use trending hashtags

Hashtags have a major role to play in your growth on the Instagram platform. You must make your content stand out by using Instagram trending hashtags and hashtags of your own company. Encourage users to use your hashtags in their comments and posts so that the content can reach a wider audience base.

Make your profile public.

Set up a public profile to allow users to see your stuff. In this manner, your material will appear on the explore section of Instagram, enticing and encouraging others interested in similar content to follow you.


There is no quick way to grow on Instagram. You must stay consistent, maintain transparency with your audience and view more top sites and articles to learn more organic growth tactics.