Why video surveillance is so important in the mining industry

Mine sites are a big operation, with many moving parts. It only makes sense that project managers and business owners will want to keep an eye on and monitor everything they possibly can, and installing modern surveillance cameras will make the job of running a mine site that much easier, from tracking the location of vehicles and workers to theft prevention. We offer a full range of transport logistics services to exporters, importers, freight forwarders and customs agents, including shipping container transport and side loader services.

Read through and learn some of the great benefits a modern surveillance system will have on a mine site. 

Increase visibility with WDR technology

Image clarity is essential for surveillance cameras. It helps define what exactly needs to be seen. What’s the point of having a washed-out image, or an image that’s too dark so you can’t see anything? 

WDR stands for Wide Dynamic Range, which means the camera is able to adjust for different light levels, fixing what could potentially be an overexposed or underexposed image. This is incredibly useful in a mine site. A typical camera won’t be able to focus on an image that is both bright and dark, but a surveillance camera equipped with WDR will balance the image out, making for a clearer image.

Locate workers

To operate in a mine, modern surveillance cameras have more than just a video feed. Sometimes it can be easy to get lost within a mine site, and if a worker is missing, a modern surveillance camera may just help in locating them. Cameras alone sometimes can’t see into an area, whether that be because of the darkness or even elements such as dust or rubble.  Radar systems and advanced sensors can detect heat and movement within the mine, keeping your workers safer and within view at all times. 

Protect workers 

Workers will feel reassured and safe by having a surveillance system watching over them, in case anything were to happen. Mines can be prone to collapses or unexpected plant malfunctions and it can be potentially deadly. 

Mines are large places and information may be slow to get to workers in time to keep themselves safe and protected. By having a surveillance system in place, project managers and security teams will be more easily able to alert the workers if any potential incidents occur. 

Theft prevention

Mines are filled with valuable resources and technology, and a hotspot for criminals to exploit if the correct security systems aren’t in place. It’s always a shame that even if criminals are caught on camera, poor imagery and surveillance systems can make it difficult to find the perpetrator. With a crystal clear image and sensor system in place, the surveillance system will keep the security team reassured of any intruders or thefts, alerting them of any criminal activity, and easily available to re-watch and analyse footage. 

Manage mining accidents 

Accidents happen, and sometimes they’re unavoidable. Sometimes though, being properly equipped to understand what happened can be incredibly valuable. It’s worth reviewing the incident to prevent any future cases. 

Accidents are not only costly for mine sites and businesses but also dangerous for the workers. By using modern surveillance technology and sensors, footage can easily be watched either in real-time or recorded for future use. Mines will be safer having a system in place that can locate any plant, machinery or any person within the mining site. 

Increases productivity and efficiency 

By having a constant video feed in real-time, mining project managers can keep an eye on all the operations, and manage from a distance without the need to travel to every location within the mine when it’s just not necessary, potentially wasting precious time where attention could be prioritised elsewhere. Productivity and efficiency will be increased by the correct usage of a surveillance system.

Surveillance setups

There are a few ways to set up surveillance systems, it all depends on a mine’s needs and conditions.

Base Stations

Perhaps a mine needs a permanent base station that provides a constant feed of video footage, straight to where it’s needed. Base stations are a semi-mobile solution that can be used in a number of ways, either with a powerful battery, diesel, or solar-powered, which deliver a continuous draw of power able to run for days. 

Surveillance trailers

A mining site can be a dynamic and ever-changing place, and the need for an easily manoeuvrable surveillance system can be essential to keeping the site safe and running correctly. An easily manoeuvrable industrial surveillance trailers are great way to cater to this need, by just hooking it up to a ute or mobile vehicle and moving it to the desired location. Just like a traditional base station, there are multiple ways to keep them powered with diesel, batteries or solar power depending on the requirements of the mine.