Women vs Men Shoes Woes

Women are all fuzzy about their shoes and there seems not just one thing to fuss about but numerous issues to dive into when it comes to their shoes.

Opinions on Shoes

Women need, just need to have a separate pair of shoes for every occasion, be it two different weddings, but they need a new or a different pair of shoes. They would feel attacked if someone asks them that why have they repeated the shoes.

Men, on the other hand, usually remain unbothered about them repeating shoes. Men shoes are usually worn till the day the soles of their shoes are brutally tattered away.

Women are very picky when it comes to buying shoes, they will zoom into the patterns, they would count the beads, stones or sequins there are and weigh the glimmer and glint of each shoe to see which on goes perfectly with their particular dress.

However, men shoes are all bout getting done with that one event and that is all. They would hardly ponder over the laces or the sew-style, for most of the men, shoes are just an aid for walking.

Differences in Shoe care

Women are very cautious when lending their shoes to anyone, they first try their best to not to give them out if the shoes are too precious to them but if the other person, also a woman persists, they will have to sacrifice their sense of belongingness and lend the shoes with a heavy heart hoping and praying that it would be returned to them without any dot of dirt or a scratched line.

Men, on the other side, care very less if someone asks them for their shoes and lend them instantly, not caring about when they would be returned. Hence, there’s a chain of women shoes circulating until it gets to the owner.

This is how we can light-heartedly differentiate between men and women going about their shoes and the rituals that ensue respectfully.