Wondershare Repairit: The Best Tool to Repair Excel Files


Know that you are not the only one who queried how to repair corrupted Excel file on the internet and are reading this article about Repairit video repair. Repairit video repair tool from Wondershare is a panacea for many malaises besides being a video repair tool. It comes in handy to repair video, as well as to repair files of other sorts. So if you are trying to repair Excel file that got corrupted, Repairit is your best bet.

The Cause of Excel File Corruption

The use of Excel is pretty prevalent these days, especially among users whose job dictates that they handle large tracts of quantifiable data. Similarly, the need to repair corrupted Excel file is also commonplace due to such prevalence. Human error along with various other non-human aspects contribute significantly to the problem. To address file repair techniques, we must understand these a priori causes.

While talking about a priori factors that corrupt Excel files, we cannot help but think first about virus attacks. Although this is not a misapprehension in itself, refusing to go a bit deeper than this is. We, therefore, need to factor in issues like abrupt power failures or sudden system failures that force shut down the PC and damage opened Excel files. System failure in this context indicates scenarios like hard disk damage, software damage, crashes, etc. All of which corrupt Excel files. Another prevalent cause of Excel file corruption is overburdening the file with too much data.

Common Ways to Repair Excel Files

Thankfully, the technology we commonly use brings to the table a handful of quick fixes to get us out of such problems. Since viruses and malware are perennial headaches in the realm of technology, it is always advisable that you use robust anti-virus software. Good old UPS is still the best answer to bypass the problem of sudden power failures and irregular voltages. Microsoft Excel’s native AutoRecover option also helps to a certain extent in repairing and retrieving damaged files. You can apply your common wisdom and copy data from the inaccessible file as that can work just as well at times.

It doesn’t do good to nourish tech anxieties these days. There are two more avenues someone can take that are a little more technical. All one has to do is open the damaged file and save it as an HTML file. Select the ‘Entire Workbook’ option next and save it. Reopen the file once more, find the ‘Save As’ option, choose Microsoft Excel Workbook as the file type, press ‘Save’, and voila! Once saved as an HTML file, there is no need to worry about repairing the damage. You can follow the same steps to save the file in XML format and fix it thus.

Remember that certain things deserve retelling because they are too important to miss. Handle your machine and accessories with care. Don’t initiate abrupt shutdowns, properly eject external storage devices, and ensure that the software you are using is reliable. These are helpful small steps you can do regularly to steer clear of potential hassles. And if your hassles are overwhelming you, consider using third-party tools like Repairit.

How to Repair Excel Files with Repairit?

The true beauty of Wondershare Repairit is its deceptive simplicity. Although the software may appear simple, it is doing a lot to fix your files under the hood. Repairit can therefore boast of its three-step solution to the problem of fixing corrupted Excel files:

  • After launching the app, select the ‘File Repair’ option from the dashboard. Next, you got to add damaged Excel files by pressing the ‘Add’ button. Note that you can add or remove files post-addition in solo or batch.

  • The second step involves starting the repair process by pressing the ‘Repair’ button. The scanning and repairing process will thus begin letting you monitor and control it. Repairit displays the final result to you with additional links to contact real-life experts for files that it couldn’t repair.

  • Use the ‘Preview’ function to satisfy yourself with Repairit’s work and save the file.

Closing Words

As its outstanding award hauls attest, Wondershare Repairit is a reliable brand. Millions of worldwide customers also point in that direction. If you are on Windows or Mac, you should not think about the compatibility or reliability of the tool. If the price seems a hurdle, use their free online tool instead to repair files of up to 200 MB size. However, if you are a professional, you’re better off with the premium version. The yearly license comes for $39.99 with innumerable benefits. You can repair files in four different formats. It means that all office formats are reparable with Repairit. Additionally, you gain access to batch repairing and full preview options which make the tool even more convenient to use.