4 Useful Tricks To Promote Your Podcast On Social Media

Now, podcasting is a booming industry, where there are several podcast video series and millions of shows worldwide. Thus, the podcasts cover every niche from nook and corner of the online world. Again, the podcast has a space for a different niche. You can make an exciting podcast, but do you know how you should get your potential audience to your podcast? If so, don’t worry; you should learn how to promote your podcast on social media platforms first.

For instance, are you starting your venture on social media? If yes, begin to work on your content niche where you can attract your audience base. Next, try to post podcasts to engage your social media followers. After this, you can drive traffic to your social media profile by using Trollishly, which helps expand your audience. It can be on social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. Now, let us discuss in the article to promote your podcasts on social media to expand your audience.

Let us start!

4 Useful Tricks On How To Promote A Podcast On Social Media?

There are four proper methods for promoting your podcasts on social media platforms. First, it can assist you in advertising your podcast and expanding your community.

1. Identify Your Audiences & Choose Your Platforms

Today, there are several choices for social media platforms, yet choose the suitable medium of your choice. For instance, the platform should be the appropriate one where your audiences use it often. So next, before you start your podcast or whenever you are going to start, try to consider where your audiences are and how they use social media.

Say if you are starting your new venture as a podcast producer on social media platforms, then check out the following aspects:

  • First, what’s the niche of your podcast?
  • Who are you communicating with on social media?
  • Is your audience younger? If so, will they use Snapchat or Instagram!
  • Are you beginning a proficient podcast for senior leaders? If so, then try LinkedIn.

When you don’t know where your audience socializes, try to ask them. For example, for your next podcast episode, try to ask your podcast listeners to share their favorite social media platforms with your listeners. Your social media audience is likely on several social media platforms, yet you should find the appropriate place where they are active. In this way, you can spend your time and effort on social media updates effectively so that your audiences will be receptive.

Pro Tip: While podcasting on social media, targeting one or two social media platforms is best. It will improve your efforts and make sure you are reaching your audiences.

2. Tag With Appropriate Hashtags

If you need to promote your podcast on TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook, you should use podcast hashtags on your posts. Whenever hashtags assist you in reaching a massive audience and reaching your content among everyone curious about that particular hashtag, identify some of the general hashtags that mention the content of your podcasts like #catlover or #bakingfun.

Also, try to make branded hashtags for your podcast visible among your potential listeners. A branded hashtag can assist in growing your listeners among the community while no one might listen to your podcast at first. Indeed, these branded hashtags for podcasts work as an engaging brand-building tool for your podcast.

During your podcast, ask your listeners to share with you using the relevant hashtags. For instance, you can request your listeners to transfer their recent baked creations using the #cateserenadingbreadbaking tags if you are running podcast shows. The best pro-tip to multiply your social media followers on TikTok would be to buy tiktok followers that make your profile popular and visible among your new visitors.

3. Try To Grow Your Podcast Community Using Social Media

Social media platforms not only help in driving followers to listen to your recent podcast episode. But also, it is everything about building community using social media over your podcast niche. Also, you need to engage your audience and make them curious that associates your audiences.

The easy method to reach your podcast is to share yourself on your social media platforms. Also, remember that your podcast listeners have different podcast options on social media platforms. Yet, your listeners like to listen to your niche as they wish to connect. So, try to offer your podcast listeners a short sneak-peek into your content niche, like by sharing your features, your life, and yourself through your social media pages.

Pro Tip: Are you looking to expand your podcast listeners’ engagement on social media platforms? If so, post your podcast content on your profile and start using Earnviews, where you can get authentic social media engagement to elevate your visibility.

4. Try To Create Engaging Video

Now, if you are finding ways to create a podcast video, you have the chance to market your podcast on social media platforms. Social media video generates 12,00% more social media shares than text and images. If you need listeners sharing your podcast content, creating videos works as the best way to promote your podcast on social media. Indeed, there are several ways podcast producers can use their videos to promote on social media. You can even record quick videos of you and your guest to promote their podcast episode. Or you can use these videos to share the behind-the-scenes episodes.

Final Keynote

In a nutshell, social media advertising and podcasting can be two optimistic factors. So if you are creating the subsequent extensive marketing podcast campaigns or expanding your podcast community, then try these top tips for a few of the social media successes for your podcast. Thanks for reading!