6 Amazing Museums in London You Can Visit For Free

Looking for places to explore London’s cultural heritage for free? Your search will be much faster if you hire a car. So pick up a Heathrow Europcar hire car and get ready to ride, because we have something interesting for you! 

The capital of Great Britain is a storehouse of museums, galleries, art academies, and exhibitions. These are real oases for curious people, connoisseurs of art, history, and world culture fans! Exploring these wonderful places in a hire car is a real adventure that you will remember. However, you will be even happier when you learn that entry to most of them is free of charge. 

Well, check out our selection of London’s most famous museums, where admission is completely free. Please note that you don’t need to pay only for permanent exhibitions, while temporary ones may be paid.

National Gallery

This is a true paradise for connoisseurs of fine art. It contains about 2,300 works by European masters from the 13th to the 20th centuries – Rembrandt, Titian, Velasquez, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Monet, and Michelangelo. Two-thirds of these works of art were donated to the museum from private collections. 

However, don’t look for sculptures or applied arts here, as the museum focuses on paintings. Each painting group has a separate room, so be sure to grab a gallery plan and find your favorite piece of art!

British Museum 

Don’t regret at least half a day visiting the world’s first national museum! It opened the doors to visitors from all over the world and brought together exhibits from all knowledge fields. 

First, find the Rosetta Stone, thanks to which scientists were able to decipher ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Then, look for an ancient astrolabe and be sure to relax on the patio. You will definitely not get lost and find everything you wanted. The main thing is to read what to see during your visit in advance.

Victoria and Albert Museum 

The Victoria and Albert Museum is another great place for fans of art. Its numerous themed halls have gathered the most extensive collection of arts and crafts from Asia and Europe. Japanese kimonos, plaster casts of David, and life-size Trajan’s Columns – you’ll find it all! 

Explore the interactive map and decide what you are interested in – this will save you precious time and effort. Also, don’t forget to walk through the John Madejski Garden and visit the main cafe, which looks like a work of art.

Wellcome Collection 

If you visit one of the youngest museums in the English capital, you will definitely find out what links science, medicine, life, and art. This unique place makes you look at health differently. 

So, head up the spiral staircase to the reading room, examine an ancient alchemist’s manuscript, perform a digital autopsy on the interactive table, or simply relax on one of the ottomans. This museum is also unique in that even temporary exhibitions are free of charge.

Science Museum 

Children will enjoy this collection of amazing things, including discoveries and achievements of science, technology, and humanity. At the same time, adults will rediscover chemistry, math, and physics that were boring to study at school. 

In the Science Museum, you can awaken your curiosity by touching, twisting, and pushing different objects and get the opportunity to participate in experiments. All expositions are specially designed for this. The most interesting exhibits are James Watt’s steam engine, space modules, and the structure of DNA.

Natural History Museum 

With dinosaurs, stuffed animals, and secret rooms, the Natural History Museum may look strange first. However, be sure to bring the kids here and watch the impressed young explorers! 

At the entrance, don’t forget to say hello to the diplodocus, and then walk under the 30-meter whale in the marine hall. After that, watch the dolphins and ride the escalator through the very center of the earth. Also, you must certainly experience the power of an earthquake. The most important piece of advice is to take a map and explore the museum by zones.

So, choose from these amazing museums but don’t try to see them all at once. Plan your visit correctly, and don’t forget about maps and snacks. Also, plan your visit correctly, use maps, and buy tickets for temporary exhibitions in advance if you want to visit them.