9 Common Power Industrial Tools

Power tools have been around for a long time, and they are used for many different purposes. From metalworking to wood carving, power tools provide a lot of value in any workshop. They have become the mainstay of many industries because they can do jobs that people never could before. Power tools make it possible to do tasks with speed and precision. With their abundance of uses, it can be challenging to know which device will be best for you.

Here are 9 standard power industrial tools

1. Hammer drill

A hammer drill is a type of drill that can spin at very high rotational speeds. They are designed to power through even the most complex materials, like granite and masonry.

2. Saw

A saw is a tool used for cutting wood, metal, or other material. It comes in many different types and sizes, most of which can be gas-powered or corded. You can use a saw to cut through many materials, including wood, metal, and plastic.

3. Grinders

Grinders are one of the most versatile power tools in a workshop. They can be used to grind metal, sand wood, sharpen blades, and more. Grinders are frequently used as a finishing tool to smooth out rough edges on metal or wood projects.

Grinders come with various interchangeable heads and discs to perform different tasks.

4. Belt Sander

A belt sander is a tool that uses sandpaper on a continuous loop to give wood and metal surfaces a smooth finish. The sander’s effectiveness is largely dependent on the quality of the sandpaper. Generally, it’s used for hollowing or rounding out corners or edges.

5. Oscillating Spindle Sander

The oscillating spindle sander is a high-speed woodworking tool used for many purposes. It has a lot of power, and it’s fast, making it ideal for sanding and smoothing wood surfaces. It’s used for jobs like removing material from the edges of boards or repairing surfaces.

6. Rotozip

A rotozip is a powerful tool used for cutting different types of materials. It’s typically used in construction, architecture, and electrical work. The rotozip can cut vertically and horizontally, meaning it can cut tiles or metal.

7. Compressor and accessories

A compressor is a powerful tool that can be used in many ways. HVAC technicians need a compressor to provide air to the system. Without this power tool, they would not finish their work. You can also use a compressor to inflate tires and inflatable pools. Compressors come with different attachments and accessories, so be sure to check what’s included before buying one.

8. Heat Guns

Heat guns are great for removing paint and other coatings from surfaces. They can also shrink tight-fitting objects such as shoes or gloves. This is a good tool for crafts, construction, and automotive work.

9. Concrete Power Tools

One of the contractors’ most common power tools is concrete power tools. These power tools are used for various tasks on a construction site, and they offer many functions. One of their main uses is to cut through concrete to prepare the ground for pouring.


These 9 power tools have a variety of uses. With so many different options for devices, it’s essential to know what your needs are before purchasing anything. The tools are available on Source Pro Equipment


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