9 Reasons to Invest in Home Security Cameras

When it comes to protecting your home and family, nothing is more important than peace of mind. And what better way to achieve peace of mind than by installing a home security camera system? Here are nine reasons why you should invest in a home security camera system today.

1. Deter Crime

Home security camera systems are a great deterrent against would-be criminals. If a potential criminal knows they’re on camera, they’re much less likely to commit a crime on your property. In fact, statistics have shown that homes without home security system have up to five times more likelihood of being burglarized than those who do invest in them. On top of protecting, you from burglaries, home surveillance cameras can provide evidence for police after the crime has been committed.

2. Give You Peace of Mind

One of the main reasons people purchase home security camera systems is for the peace of mind it provides them with at night and while away on vacation. This gives owners comfort knowing that if something happens on their property — no matter where they are in the world — they’ll be alerted right away.

3. Identify Intruders & Vandals

For homeowners who have had their property vandalized or keyed, home surveillance cameras can help identify the culprits responsible for the crime. If you’ve ever lived in a neighborhood that’s experienced vandalism, then you know how frustrating it can be knowing exactly who is responsible but having no way to prove it. Having a video recording of the incident eliminates any doubt about what happened and makes identifying suspects much easier for authorities. With today’s technology, police are able to view suspect images instantly so criminals are brought to justice much faster than before.

4. Catch Package Thieves

If you’re sick of wondering where your deliveries are, then this one is for you. Whether it’s a new laptop or an important package from Amazon, nothing is more annoying than waiting around all day for a delivery that never comes. With home security camera systems, homeowners can see exactly who stole their packages off of their front porch.

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5. Keep Your Family Safe & Secure

When you’re at work all day, the last thing you want to worry about is if your kids are okay when they get home from school or if your housekeepers have arrived yet. Home surveillance cameras track comings and goings so homeowners always know what’s going on with their family while they’re away. This helps them feel secure in knowing that everything is okay even when they’re miles away from home.

6. Document Home Intrusion

There are few things more terrifying than coming home to find your property ransacked or broken into, even if nothing was stolen. This is why it’s important to have a video recording of the intruder entering and exiting your property so homeowners can collect evidence for authorities in case something does go missing. This will also help you obtain necessary insurance information in case anything valuable is damaged during the incident, which makes filing an insurance claim easier when documentation is available.

7. Catch Sloppy Landscapers & Pool Cleaners

If you pay someone to mow your lawn every week or are one of the many families who have a pool at home, then being able to catch them slacking on the job is priceless. Homeowners who have had landscapers leave piles of grass clippings all over their yard or pool cleaners who don’t thoroughly clean the water, know just how frustrating it can be when your property doesn’t receive the care and attention to detail you deserve. With home surveillance cameras, homeowners are able to monitor these things in real-time so they always get exactly what they pay for.

8. Catch Vandals Hunting on Private Property

One of the least popular pastimes among outdoor enthusiasts is trespassing. It’s a problem that plagues millions of hunters across America, yet there seems to be very little regulation surrounding it at the state level. In states where trespassing isn’t illegal while hunting — including Alabama, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska and Nevada — homeowners are usually at the mercy of hunters who want to illegally trespass on their property. Keeping a home surveillance camera system at home is the perfect way to catch these people before they hunt illegally again.

9. Prevent False 911 Calls

As one of the few homes without flood insurance in an area that has frequent flooding due to storms, my family knows firsthand how frustrating it can be dealing with false alarms after your house floods or catches fire. Once you’ve experienced these enough times, filing police reports becomes time-consuming and old quickly. Home surveillance cameras give homeowners the opportunity to document damage so they don’t have to deal with authorities unless there’s truly something suspicious occurring on their property. This is especially helpful when your homeowner’s insurance is long overdue or expired, as they are less likely to come out if they aren’t being called.