A Guide to Ghost Guns

If you are unfamiliar with the term, “Ghost Guns,” don’t be worried that you’ll need to rely on Bill Murray or Dan Aykroyd to break out the Ghost Busters to rid your home of these dangerous weapons! In actuality, ghost guns are simply DIY projects you’ve taken on yourself and so you will usually not find two alike and they are never sold on the open market. Let’s just say they are not supposed to be! At this point, take a few moments to read a quick guide on ghost guns so that you can see what they are, what they aren’t, and what they should never be.

Meant for Responsible Gun Owners

Unfortunately, there will always be a faction within society that takes something wonderful and turns it into something ugly. So, it is with having the ability to build your own firearm from the safety of your home. Even the ATF recognizes the right of citizens to build their own guns if they are for personal use and not for sale. It only takes locating and buying the parts individually because they are not weapons ready to be fired.

Rather, they are parts from which you can build your own working firearm and once you get excited about the hobby, you will be glad to know that 80% Arms carries 80 lowers for your next firearm build. Handmade, that is to say Ghost, guns are for personal use only and not for use in crimes of any way, shape or form. They are a sportsman’s dream.

Understanding the Law

One thing which should be mentioned here is that even though DIY guns are legal on a federal level, it doesn’t naturally follow that they are also legal in the state in which you live. Having said that, they are legal to build in most states. The point here is that federal laws are meant as a guide for state laws and if they aren’t exactly the same, it is up to you to clarify the difference. Remember the old adage, “ignorance of the law is no excuse.” Therefore, do your research prior to a self-build DIY gun.

It’s Actually in the Name!

Although we started out on a lighter note with the Bill Murray/Ghost Busters quip, there really is nothing comical in the name. For this very reason, most responsible gun owners object to the title! A ghost gun implies something that lays hidden in the shadows until it comes out to do its dirty deeds. That’s not what a DIY gun fabrication is all about and why opponents to legalizing guns, especially in open carry, love the phrase. It gives the hobby a bad name and that is really what they are after, aren’t’ they?

The thing to remember is that you have every right on a federal level to build your own gun from parts, but you are not allowed to sell it for any amount. It won’t have a serial number and is unable to be tracked, so if it is for you and you alone? You’re all good!