A Guide To PDF Editor Tricks and Tips

Have you been looking for a reputable PDF converter to convert XLSX to PDF, or want to know which converter would be better? PDF converters like PDFsimpli, make your life a lot easier by offering you an array of features where you can convert text, and images to other formats, add digital signatures, and also keep your original content intact while converting XLSX to PDF. To help you out, here are some of the best tips on how you can do more with your PDF converters and files.

How To Convert PDFs?

Using a PDF, you could easily convert web pages and files, even images to other formats. It is pretty simple and convenient to use, you just have to upload the file you wish to convert using Google Drive or cloud, and when the conversion is complete you could save them in the cloud again. Some PDF converters even allow you to add text and images or delete them while converting.

Know How To Merge Files

Merging files means merging two or more PDFs together, this saves you space when you are having a storage space crunch without distorting the text or any image. Using this method you can read multiple files within a short time. Just go for ‘compress files’ in the destination file source, and you would be good to go.

Know How To Save A Webpage 

Saving a webpage is no big deal and while bookmarking it is the most common practice, it is not the only one. Select Ctrl+P, which would open the print section, from there you could download or import the file. 

Know How To Edit On Existing Files

PDF files are easy to read but did you know that you can edit them as well? You can easily add texts or images to your PDF file when you use advanced PDF converters and editors. You can add texts, delete texts, add images, compress them, increase picture resolution, and a lot more.

Know How To Lock A PDF File

Encrypting a PDF file helps you keep your data secure when you are sharing them and does not allow anyone to change or edit anything. The complexity of your password would define the level of strong security on the PDF file. Combine uppercase, numbers, lower cases, and symbols which would make it impossible to crack the password. 

Therefore, these are some of the tips and tricks that you should know while working with a PDF converter and editor.