Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Water Heating systems

Water heaters powered by solar energy have become popular in recent years. Many households use them to heat their water because of how cost-effective they are. They are also very friendly to the environment. This article highlights the advantages and disadvantages that come with owning a solar hot water Mandurah heating system.

Solar hot water Mandurah heating is where a solar thermal collector is used to heat water using energy from the sun. It is done by a solar heater that only heats the water. The water heater absorbs the sunlight using a collector usually placed on rooftops. This sunlight is converted to heat energy, transported into a water tank using a circulating pump.

Advantages of solar water heating systems

It uses free energy from the sun

The solar panels are powered by the sun. This energy comes at no cost. It helps in reducing the energy as opposed if you were using gas, electricity and other fuels,

It is more reliable than electricity

Solar panels come with battery storage to store energy from the sun. This energy is converted to valuable electricity, especially when the atmosphere is cloudy or night.

It releases zero gas emissions into the atmosphere

Unlike fossil fuels that release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, solar panels have zero emissions. It means they have a much lower carbon footprint. This feature makes them environmentally friendly because they do not contribute to global warming and climate change.

They are 62% more efficient than regular solar panels

The solar panels convert 80% of the sun’s radiation into heat energy. This is to ensure maximum sunlight power converts to electricity. It makes the solar water heating system more efficient than regular solar panels that convert only 18% of the sun’s energy.

They come in different sizes

The solar water heating systems come in various sizes ranging from 100 to 500 LPD. This feature allows buyers to choose a solar water heater that meets the storage space.

Disadvantages of Solar water heating systems

They only serve one purpose

A con of solar water heating systems is that you can only heat water. You cannot use it for lighting or anything else.

They require sunlight to function

The solar panels absorb the energy from the sun. This energy converts to the electricity that heats the water. Without the sun, you will need electricity to run the heater. This increases your power bill.

They have a high maintenance cost

Some water has minerals like calcium in them. These minerals clot the system, inhibiting its function. Annual maintenance like adding water softeners is needed for the water heater to continue functioning. It becomes expensive in the long run.


The advantages of using solar water heating systems outweigh the disadvantages. They are less costly than electricity, making them worth the investment. In addition, they are safe for the environment and are highly efficient in heating your water. They also occupy very little space and they last longer if well maintained. Check seven ss stars solar water heater one of the most popular models.