Amazing Qualities of Ingco Welding Machine Considering Price

Technology in the construction industry has continued to evolve and so isthe fabrication of metal. The welding process is made possible only with a good welding machine.

Welding Machine, What is it?

A welding machine also called a welderor a welding gun is an appliance that joins metal parts together. It brings about heat, which then melts the filler or welding electrodes put between the fragments, forming a bond. Ingco welders come in a variety of options to choose from including metal inert gas (MIG) and stick welders.

Welding electrodes

Welding processes

In modern technology,there are various ways of designing a fabrication includinghigh-techlaser beams. Ingco welding machines mostly adopt the arc welding process which is modern and on-trend.

Arc Welding

This process involves an anode on the metal and an electrode on the filler material. The welding machine delivers a power supply creating an electric arc, melting the parts together, thus creating a bond.

Torch welding Process

Also known as gas welding,involves the combustion of oxygen and acetylene gas, generating a flame of high temperature, and so melting the fabrication parts and joining them together. This process is commonly used in rural areas or places without electricity connections.

Qualities of Ingco Welding Machines

To be successful in metal fabrication you must invest in a good quality welding machine. Ingco welders have amazing qualities and include;


All Ingco Welders are provided with a top handle,enabling a grasp of the machine for transportation purposes. What’s more, it comes with wheels so you can navigate and revolve around moving from one place to the next getting your job all well done. This advantage generally sways Ingco welding machine price in Kenya.


Ingco welding machines are ingress protected (IP). Welding machines are electrical apparatus with high voltage that demands enclosure. Their level of enclosure sealing is as per the British IP rating. The top cover protects the machine from dust and water. Furthermore, the electric wires inside are motor insulated up to a winding temperature of 155 degrees Celsius.


Adaptability is indispensable inchoosing a good welding machine. Ingco weldersallow you to change to suitable settings relative to the density of the metal. You, therefore, do not need to buymany welding machines to suit the various thicknesses and strengths of the metal being fabricated.


Welding machines made by Ingco hardly come with a transformer. This is a device that steps up or down the electric voltage. Ingco welders use inverter technology that is also energy efficient. The inverters are also available in Manual Metal Arc (MMA) and semi-automatic. MMA especially gives you a grip on the fabrication process enabling you to design the metal as it pleases.


Metalwork is part of our daily lives and therefore a huge business, welding machines form the core of this industry. It is therefore important to equip yourself with a high-quality device. Next time you wish to purchase a welding machine consider these amazing giveaways of Ingco welders and start to see your business rise.