Attention! The Environment Needs Your Attention!

We are not seeking your attention like the push notification you receive on your mobile phones.

This notification is straight from the space where we live, and this needs to be clicked, read, and actioned more than anything else.

We all celebrate a lot of days but do we celebrate the environment, and the blessing of nature for this life like it deserves to be?

Instead, we are making sure that the earth will witness fewer generations than its divine capacity. We don’t know if you, the one reading this right now, do the bits to take care of the environment to give it back what it deserves, but we all want to hail the blessing from the heart and to be attentive towards your surroundings.

What Is Your Use Of Paper Napkins?

Using one or tissue paper after having lunch or dinner at any restaurant or at your office is usual, but ripping them off the grid countless times just to wipe the water off your hands doesn’t make any sense. There are people who use around six to seven napkins just to wipe the water off their hands, and that’s total wastage. A huge load of water and trees go in to produce paper napkins, and by using them without purpose and in excess, we are increasing the demand, which will ultimately lead to more water usage and more trees being cut. If you are responsive to the call of attention that nature and the environment are giving us, you should start lifting and minimizing your use of paper napkins as much as possible.

Sustainable Gifting – Green Gifting

The art of gifting has evolved a lot, and as far as we understand, it started off with flowers being the best and forever tokens. With the advancement in time and the chull to explore more gift options, humans have created so many gift ideas, and modernization that cares for the environment has taken a back seat. Well, people have started falling through sustainable options of gifts along with sustainable living. And we think that everyone should adopt sustainable gifting. It may seem hard to get the perfect gift while trying to be environment-friendly, so you can always fall upon plants. From surprising someone with a cake on their birthday or sending a rakhi to Australia, an indoor plant can complement any occasion and let you stay the best at your gifting gesture. More than anything else, the environment needs more plants in the soil than the ones being pulled out.

Paani Bachao Na Yaar (Save The Water)

We know you can scroll through this one, as water-saving has been pushed so much. But it is still important, and it will always be. The groundwater levels are decreasing every moment, and we have the power to slow the speed of the same. No one can cut upon the necessary water consumption, but we can take many more actions. From getting the leakages repaired to not washing your vehicles very often using water and things and spending less time in showers, there are so many actions that one can take to save the water. Start now for forever!

The Precise Use Of AirConditioners

It’s summertime, and the air conditioners are working non-stop! The need for air conditioners is real, and we can’t just turn them off for life. But, we can learn the precise use of them. It has been told and advertised many times that it is always good to keep the temperatures at 24 degrees as it doesn’t affect your health and also not the environment. If you have a budget and you are using old air conditioners, then you should get a new one which consumes less energy. You can fix a time at your home for air conditioners, like switching them off at 6 a.m. in the morning.

We can talk about a lot more pointers on how you can be attentive towards the calls of the environment, asking us to be responsible. But, if we start with the little adaptations and efforts that are mentioned above, we will be able to make a bigger impact soon.

“Environment is calling; we all need to roll in, actions to be precise, results would be a happy rise.”