Content Writing Tools That Will Elevate Your Quality Of Writing 

Being a content writer is not easy. You have to stay up on trends, and the latest stories and research profusely on that. You have to always be on the lookout for topics that interest the readers. Content is essential for websites, eCommerce sites, and every type of business. 

Maintaining a consistent content writing strategy is essential and the internet is a warehouse of tools that offers you the benefit of creating unique, error-free, and interesting articles and blogs. To help you out, here are some of the content writing as well as editing tools you should not miss out on. 

SEMrush Writing Assistant

When you want to write content that is unique and also SEO-friendly, SEMrush is the ideal solution. This tool helps content writers write high-quality, SEO-friendly content, which will rank higher in Google searches. To work with this tool, your document needs to be compatible with it. 

This tool will analyze your content and give you results from top-ranked searches. It also gives you a credibility score, and originality score by scanning your content. The tool is not free and you either have to subscribe to the Semrush Guru or Business plan.


Not just content writers, Grammarly can be used by anyone. Grammarly can help you immensely in improving your writing, ensuring it is free of any errors or grammar mistakes, punctuation marks, and spelling. 

Grammarly is compatible with all kinds of devices. Using its Chrome extension, it would automatically correct any grammar mistakes so that you can post error-free content on your website, for your client, or on any social media platform. Grammarly is free for all but there is a premium version too which offers you advanced features. 


This tool is AI-based, so you get to write error-free content in less time. This is very similar to Grammarly because it too checks your content for any grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, or missing punctuation. It starts at $20 every month and you can get it as a desktop app or as an extension.


When looking to write SEO-optimized articles, Frase can help you achieve that. The powerful algorithm of this tool scans your article and gives you real-time organic suggestions against your competitors. This helps you figure out how you can improve your article to rank higher. You get to enjoy other features like keyword research and content brief with this. 

Hemingway App

This is a content editor tool that helps you write articles in an interesting, error-free, and robust way. It highlights passive voice, adverbs, and other such issues. The online editor is available for free; however, the app needs to be purchased. 

You can also use tools like PDFSimpli through which you can resize PDF and also compress PDF 500kb. If you are trying to make your workflow simpler and also become a better content writer, these tools will help you a great deal.