Demystifying Male Masturbation: Benefits, Side Effects, and Risks

As a boy, you probably discovered the pleasurable perks of your pecker completely by accident. Masturbation isn’t something kids read about and decide they want to try; it’s actually a normal part of growing up. The literature just happens to reassure us that fondling ourselves to climax comes with the coming-of-age territory.

However, like everything else, male masturbation is only good as long as you do it in moderation. Cutting back and taking the conventional route of plain old sex occasionally can be great—even healthy—for the average male.

For now, let’s see what health benefits masturbation has to offer the male populace.

Benefits of Male Masturbation

Masturbation offers several mental and physical health benefits.

1.      Reduced Risk of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer to afflict the average Brit. Although the condition affects around one in eight men in the UK, you can lower your risk of contracting it by roughly 33 per cent by ejaculating more than 21 times in a month.

2.      A Stronger Immune System

Masturbation is associated with a higher white blood cell count up to 45 minutes after the fact. The act produces cortisol in healthy doses and modulates the human immune system for an improved response to viruses and other external threats.

3.      Quality Sleep

A lack of quality sleep may lead to several health issues. Your body needs to turn off after a day of vigorous mental and physical activity. A failure to achieve this would only put a strain on you.

If you’ve gone to sleep right after masturbating, that’s because the orgasm you just had, released the relaxation hormone oxytocin into your head. This promoted not just instant but also quality slumber.

4.      Better Skin

The post-sex glow may be harder to come by with masturbation. However, the previously mentioned oxytocin released during orgasm has anti-inflammatory properties, which reduces the appearance of rashes and acne.

5.      Positive Vibes All-Around

We’ve been going on about oxytocin—the cuddle hormone with a plethora of endearments—and that’s because the neurochemical covers a wide range of benefits, including better skin, sleep, and mood.

Together with dopamine, the chemical:

  • Lifts your mood
  • Increases satisfaction
  • Activates the pleasure pathways of your brain

Side Effects of Male Masturbation

If you’re masturbating excessively, you’re probably not doing it for the sole reason of pleasuring yourself. There’s something else afoot, and an orgasm isn’t going to make it go away.

1.      Using it as a Stress Reliever

The side effects of masturbation stem from its benefits. Since it makes you feel good, you’re likely to seek a reprieve from a stressful time in your life. Avoiding the source of your stress won’t make it go away, nor would constantly seeking solace in a good wank do your sex life any favours.

2.      Letting it Set Your Sexual Standards

The more you masturbate, the better acquainted you are with your own body. However, getting to know your body through your hand may not be the best thing. For one, you might get used to the stimulation, meaning a vagina, rectum, or partner’s hand just won’t cut it for you.

You may also want to be ‘handled’ a certain way, and instead of walking your partner through it, you might take to masturbating more often.

3.      Negative Impact on Your Social Life

Your mates ask you out for a proper pint, and you turn them down by saying, ‘I’m a man after my own heart.’ They don’t have a clue you’re talking about the heart health benefits of masturbation but let it slide.

This personal joke may sound funny at that moment, but do that more often, and they’ll stop asking you out altogether. This would leave you to masturbate in peace, and we aren’t completely sure that’s feasible in the long run.

Risks of Male Masturbation

As a man, masturbating too much poses several dangers. Curtailing your alone time in the hay may help to avoid the following risks.

1.      Addiction

You might’ve taken up masturbation for lack of a better distraction, say, family and friends. However, letting it take up your time to the point where you’re helpless against this habit might indicate an addiction.

Like any addiction, a masturbation addiction could turn into a serious impediment as far as your daily routine is concerned. A failure to compartmentalize this activity means you’ll have to seek help to drop the habit or regain control over it.

2.      Injury

Yes, frequent masturbation can lead to injury. If you fondle yourself too often, you risk skin chaffing or a soft tissue injury, which can make getting around quite uncomfortable.

By stroking yourself too hard, you also risk contracting Peyronie’s Disease: a condition characterized by an accumulation of plaque in the shaft, which can make sexual intercourse extremely painful.

3.      Psychologically-Induced Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Although masturbating and ED aren’t directly linked in any manner, there may yet be an indirect link between the two. Men who bring themselves to orgasm by watching porn might have trouble performing with an actual person.

This is because pornographic films create unrealistic expectations, leaving the man watching them too anxious to perform in the real world. The result: they can’t get it up when the occasion calls for it due to a serious case of sexual performance anxiety and, eventually, ED.

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