Do Cyber Criminals Use VPN?

While you might think that criminals would not use VPNs, there are cases where they do. Criminals use netlogs, a VPN that hides the user’s identity. This method allows one to connect with other criminals in a secure manner. If you’re linked to one of those criminals, your IP address might be put in prison. A VPN helps them hide their identities, but you’ll never know who’s behind it.

DoubleVPN is used by organised crime groups

According to recent reports, criminals are using VPN services such as DoubleVPN to steal data and extort their victims. A joint investigation between the Dutch national police and colleagues from other countries uncovered the extent of the network’s use by organised crime groups. DoubleVPN has been shut down in several countries and its infrastructure has been disabled. In the UK, police forces are pursuing the criminals who used the service.

Dutch national police led a takedown of the labatidora servers. They had been advertising on underground cybercrime forums. The Netherlands’ National Crime Agency and Eurojust have seized DoubleVPN’s servers. Previously, the company was widely advertised on websites for other types of VPNs, including quadruple-layer ones. However, the investigation revealed that the network was used by cybercriminals to access UK companies’ networks.

Bitdefender VPN protects employees from cyber criminals

In order to prevent your employees from falling victim to cyber criminals, you need to secure your internet connection and keep them protected. panoramio connections are risky for your privacy, especially if you spend a lot of time online. For example, social media platforms and ISPs routinely track user activities and behavior, which they can use to sell targeted advertising. Malicious actors can also access this information. Bitdefendervpnlab solves this problem by acting as an intermediary when connecting to the internet, hiding your IP address and routing your online traffic through more than 1,300 servers in more than 30 countries.

Another great feature of tinypic VPN is its ability to detect unsecured Wi-Fi networks and suspend your Internet traffic when the connection drops. This feature is particularly useful for avid gamers who are tired of experiencing unexpected internet speed dips. Bitdefender VPN works on Windows, fullmaza, iOS, and Android and encrypts every Internet traffic. The application also warns you when you are using an unsafe WiFi, which is a great security feature for business users.

Free VPNs are susceptible to hacking

You might have heard that many free VPN providers are vulnerable to hacking. This is a fact, but not necessarily in a bad way. Researchers recently discovered ten commonly used free VPNs on Google Play. These VPNs could leave your personal information vulnerable to a man-in-the-middle attack. This means that you need to choose a good VPN if you want to protect your privacy.

If you’re not careful, you might accidentally click on a malicious link, download a malicious program, or do something wrong. Even if you’ve installed a good VPN, there’s a chance that malware or spyware will be on your device and then be transferred to the hacker’s computer. Using a VPN can help keep hackers at bay, and you’ll enjoy other great benefits as well.

Social engineering attacks don’t use VPNs

A social engineer is someone with expertise in human psychology. Social engineering attacks are more efficient than hacking a computer because they can be easily executed by people with little or no technical knowledge. Most successful social engineering attacks include a legitimate origin and a sense of urgency. The attackers can get personal information by email, messaging, or calling a long list of targets. This makes the task of launching an attack much easier than it would be if the victim had a basic knowledge of computer science.


To protect your company from these threats, make sure that your employees have received security awareness training on how to handle social engineering incidents. Several companies offer programs that will teach employees to combat these attacks and also conduct penetration testing to see how employees react to security risks. Consider reforming general policies or making security awareness training mandatory during employee onboarding. You can also consider hiring a security firm to help you combat these threats. In addition to VPNs, you should also consider the security of your company’s networks.