Easy and quick video editing software for YouTubers

Video editing is a skill that one should have to learn from professionals or have to get training for it. YouTubers who have started their YouTube channel recently need a youtube editor which can help them to edit their video and make them ready for them to upload. So, Filmora is here to help them where you don’t have to pay charges for each video and can edit by yourself without explaining it to anyone. You can edit the video as per your choice. You don’t need the help of anyone to edit your video, you can do it yourself and can edit your video as you want. You can do changes to the video according to your choices. Filmora is the easy and quick video editing software available for you.

The basic feature of Filmora:

Filmora has lots of features to use and you can edit your videos with your own choices. You don’t need the help of professionals and be a video editor by yourself. You can check the basic feature of Filmora which are given here:

Color Match: When you add multiple clips in a single video then you can see all have different color tones. You can simply choose a color setting from the clip and apply it to other clips in the video. Filmora will add filters to the video and you can choose the color level from 0-to 100%. It is the best feature and you can color match to edit multiple clips in a single video to adjust their colors.

Green Screen: As you have seen in Hollywood movies that a Green background has been used, so you can add a background of any place to edit your video. You can use special effects with just a few clicks. This easy feature will you a lot in making your video watchable because viewers have a very high impact on the background.

Split Screen: It helps you to add frames to your video and make your video look awesome. It edits your video to make it watchable and will divide the screen into 2-6 parts.

New features in Filmora:

Filmora have features for both beginner and professional. You can use the latest feature to make a professional video. The features are available as follows:

Effect Plugins: Filmora v11 is full of Hollywood Style NewBlue FX and Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) effect plugins, including the world-famous 3D Title Tool-NewBlue Tilter Pro 7.

Preset Templates: You can use the Preset Template to make a video and after completing you can save it in the Filmora template for future use. You can use it in the future and can do changes to the video to make it much better.

Auto Synchronization: If you have to record audio on another device and want to synchronize it with your video then Auto Synchronization will automatically do that.

Reviews by YouTubers for Filmora:

There are lots of YouTubers who already using Filmora to edit their video and they are pleased with the results. They can now edit their video without any help and can do changes according to their desire. They don’t have to pay all the money to a professional editor and are saving lots of time and their video-making speed has also increased. They love each and everything about the Filmora. They have gotten the solution to the problem which they are looking from a long time.

Pros and Cons:

Every software has some Pros and Cons and Filmora also have some. You can check the Pros and Cons given below:


  • Filmora is helping amateurs to learn video editing without any training.
  • Filmora has all features which you need for video editing.
  • You can also use Filmora for professional editing.


  • Filmora is limited in some features as compared to others.

Price and plans:

You don’t have to do much to purchase your plan on Filmora. You can use Filmora to edit videos and if you want it for a limited period then you can purchase a monthly plan of US$ 28.98 and a yearly plan of US$ 68.98. If you need Filmora for a lifetime then you can also get lifetime access for US$ 79.99. You can choose and visit the website to purchase your plan.

How to download it?

Once you purchase your plan and now the second is to do that you have to visit the website and click on the download option. It will automatically download on your device and you can then use it to edit your videos. You can then use the software for any type of editing you want to do. It is accessible on all devices and you can easily use it.

Get it today:

You can get access to use your Filmora software and can easily edit any video very easily. There are lots of people who are using Filmora for their work to learn editing which saves you lots of time and you can learn editing skills without going anywhere.