Factors Considered When Buying a Peanut Butter Making Device

Peanut butter-making device is the equipment used during the process of converting peanuts from solid into paste form.

The machine is used in various contexts. It is used in either large-scale or small-scale. Furthermore, one can acquire one for personal use. Regardless of the purpose, multiple factors ought to be followed to ensure high quality and quantity of produce.

With the high prices of peanut butter in recent years, it has been deemed necessary to find other economic alternatives to access this product. It has been achieved by introducing a machine with the ability to make peanut butter. However, for one to get a high-quality product, there need to be a standard for the device utilized. Factors to be considered are:


The machine should have the capability to last for a long time. It is mainly achieved by using solid stainless steel during manufacture. It will ensure that the device is resistant to wear and tear and rusting. It will go a long way in ensuring that the product is not contaminated.


A prospective buyer should consider the peanut butter making machine price in Kenya. They should make concerted efforts to assess a wide variety of sellers and make the most economical purchase. It will ensure decreased chances of customer exploitation by traders. In addition, one will gain maximum machine efficiency coupled with minimum resource input.


The volume of production is considered in making the purchase. The purpose of the machine determines the capacity to be used. High-capacity devices, which may go up to around 2100 kilograms per hour of production, are mainly used for large-scale businesses. The low-capacity machines at approximately 90 kilograms per hour are primarily found in small-scale enterprises and for personal use.


It will determine whether the production process is fully automated or semi-automated. Large-sized machines will automate the process of shelling, frying, peel removal, crushing and finally, tin packaging. The small devices, however, will require a part of the process to be manually operated by other machines.

Electricity usage

Different models of the peanut butter machine utilize different amounts of electricity. Some run on one power phase, while others may go up to 3 power phases. One must consider the amount of capital they have set in place to be utilized for electricity bills.

Need to maintain quality of product

Quality of product will keep or lose customers. It is of paramount importance that one maintains the use of one type of nut per machine. It will ensure the taste of the nut ground is maintained. Mixing different varieties of peanuts will compromise their authenticity and therefore lose their quality.

Ease of maintenance

The prospective buyer should ensure that they pick machines that are very easy to maintain. It should be easy to disassemble the machine parts and adequately clean them. The machine model should ensure one can easily access spare parts and qualified mechanics in case of damage or malfunction.


As seen from the information above, one must put in a concerted effort in selecting the type of peanut butter-making machine to avoid substandard performance.