Family of Deceased Canadian Actor Saint Von Colucci is Suing Conspiracy Theorists for False Hoax Claims

The deceased Canadian actor star was forced to act feminine, wear makeup, acting-cute behavior and long, underpaid working hours

22-year-old Canadian-Portuguese actor, singer, and songwriter Saint Von Colucci died early on Sunday at a hospital located in Seoul due to an infection caused by a jaw implant after spending over USD 200.000 in plastic surgeries to play a BTS JIMIN lookalike character on an upcoming Korean TV show.

Throughout his four years working in South Korea, the singer and actor reportedly got paid only $25.000 USD and was required to sign multiple NDAs for writing songs for other artists while in anonymity under different pseudonyms.

Colucci received a monthly allowance of USD 200 per month from the Korean entertainment agency he was signed with and lived in a small dorm-style room along with ten other Korean and Thai artists in the district of Gangnam, in Seoul, South Korea.

While the singer was exercising his 7-year contract with the Korean entertainment agency, he wasn’t allowed to fly outside the country or meet his parents and friends until his music project was launched, which had been rescheduled over and over again up until his passing.

They would check on his weight once a week, and he was required to stay below the 60kg mark if he wanted to make it big in the industry, according to the agency. The singer was allowed to go to the gym during non-practice hours, as long as he kept a lean, non-muscular figure. As soon as he started gaining muscle, they cut off his protein shakes and gym access.

The actors was often coerced to acting-cute behavior and being touchy with colleagues in front of the cameras, while calling them by “Oppa” (big brother) and “aigo” (Oh my) amongst other Korean expressions.

The singer’s Korean and American managements often got into arguments due to conflicts of interests, as both wanted to take the artist’s career in different directions. While the Korean entertainment agency wanted to follow the traditional K-pop route, the American management tried to go through the viral TikTok marketing, while taking over the singer’s social media account and building a consistent following by posting different pictures and videos to the artist’s Instagram and TikTok accounts. At the same time, the Korean agency was still fighting to keep anything about him, along with his Instagram and TikTok content, removed from the internet as they believed it was detrimental to his career in traditional South Korea. Still, his TikTok and Instagram accounts were kept active under management by his American agency. As time went by, the conflicts between the agencies only aggravated, and projects already announced to the public were pulled off at the last minute over execution disputes.

During his first year in Korea, the singer and actor had more freedom and fewer scheduled practice hours, and with his free time, he was able to travel, go to clubs, amusement parks, and hang out with friends, but as soon as he got cast for the drama and his music project became a priority, all his free time was taken away from schedule and fulfilled with singing, acting, and dancing practice, leaving him with no time for going out and having fun, deeply affecting his mental state and life in general. According to texts he sent to his parents, he would often cry alone in the practice studios. The singer and actor worked 12–15 hours straight in the studio from Sunday to Saturday in the past year.

The production company behind the show “Cogimar” (English: Pretty Lies) is placing the show on indefinite hold until it decides if it will be aired or not.

Colucci’s parents are coming back to South Korea after the funeral in order to initiate legal proceedings against the Korean entertainment agency. The parents have also decided to take legal action against the journalists for making false claims about their son’s death and existence while senselessly calling it a hoax while having no proof to support such claims.

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