Gel Blasting: The Next Generation of Paintball


For those looking for a new and exciting twist on the classic paintball gaming experience, Gel Blasting might be just what you’re after. Imagine entering the battlefield with an array of high-powered targets, shooting precisely at opponents to score a point – that’s the fun and fast-paced action you can expect from this innovative game. It blends traditional tactics with an intensely competitive atmosphere to stimulate players to interact and engage in some friendly rivalry. With its extreme popularity all over Australia and beyond, it’s no wonder why Gel Blasting is becoming one of the most popular outdoor sporting activities! So if you want to get involved in this thrilling sport, now is your chance! Read below for more details about gel blasting’ rules, safety practices, benefits, equipment, and other related topics!

Gel Ball Blasters Vs Paintball

Gel blasters and paintball are popular shooting sports that excite individuals of all ages. Gel blasters use tiny gel balls as projectiles, while paintball uses coloured balls filled with paint. The difference between the two is their damage, accuracy, and gameplay style. Gel blasters are known for being less painful than paintball but require more accurate aiming due to their lower velocity. Also, gel balls do not leave any visible markings compared to paintballs that stain clothing and leave a brighter marker on the target area. Meanwhile, paintball provides a more realistic combat simulation and offers higher adrenaline and intensity thanks to its speed, sound, and impact. Ultimately, choosing between the two depends on personal preference, budget, and availability of venues or teams near you – both can provide hours of fun or competitive play!

Why Gel Blaster Over Paintball?

Here are several reasons someone might choose gel blasters over paintball as a recreational activity. Here are a few:

  1. Cost:
    When it comes to choosing between gel blasting and paintball, one major factor that many people consider is costs. While both activities offer thrilling experiences, gel blasting is often more affordable than paintball. Gel blasters use small water-absorbent balls as ammunition, which are cheaper to purchase and easier to find than paintballs. Additionally, using a gel blaster doesn’t require as much protective gear as paintball, which can result in significant player savings. Many outdoor recreation areas that offer paintball also charge higher admission fees than gel blasting. With lower equipment costs and less expensive playing fields, it’s no wonder many budget-conscious individuals are switching to gel blasting as their go-to activity for entertainment and fun with friends.
  2. Safety:
    When it comes to choosing between Gel Blaster and Paintball, safety should be a top priority. While both sports involve shooting projectiles at high velocity, Gel Blasters have a clear advantage over Paintball regarding safety. Unlike Paintball which uses fragile and relatively large paintballs that can cause bruises or even wounds when they hit the body, Gel Blaster products use soft gel balls that are made up of water and non-toxic pigment. These balls break upon impact and don’t harm the players’ skin. Furthermore, Gel Blasters don’t require high-pressure compressed air or CO2 tanks like Paintball markers, which minimises the risk of explosions or leaks. In short, if you’re looking for a fun but safe and environmentally friendly shooting sport, Gel Blasting is worth considering over Paintball. Little children can also do this. Since it’s very safe for them, kids gel blasters events can be done.
  3. Convenience:
    Looking for an exciting and hassle-free way to get your friends together for team-based games? Gel Blasters might be the solution you’ve been searching for! Forget about the messy clean-up and expensive refill costs of traditional paintball guns; Gel Blasters use water-based capsules that dissolve upon impact, leaving no mess behind. In addition to their convenience, Gel Blasters are typically lighter and easier to handle than traditional paintball guns, making them more accessible and enjoyable for players of all ages and skill levels. And with low upkeep requirements and affordable price points, Gel Blasters are quickly gaining popularity as a fun alternative to Paintball for those who want the excitement of combat without any fuss.
  4. Realism:
    Realism is one of the key factors that makes gel blasters superior to paintball. Their realistic aesthetics make gel blasters look like the real deal and offer a more authentic shooting experience. The attention to detail in their design, from the magazines to the sights, makes them feel like they’re shooting a high-quality firearm instead of a toy gun. Additionally, with gel blasters, there’s no need for bulky protective gear or worry about leaving messy paint stains on your clothes or skin – grab your blaster and go. The ammunition used in gel blasters is also much cheaper than that used in paintball guns, making it easier and less expensive for players to enjoy extended play sessions without breaking the bank. Overall, realism sets gel blasters apart from paintballs and makes them a worthwhile option for those who want to feel truly engaged in combat simulations or other fun outdoor activities.
  5. Accessibility:
    Regarding accessibility, gel blasters have a clear advantage over paintballs. They are more affordable and easier to find and can also be used in various locations. Paintball fields require a specific area with proper barriers and safety precautions, making it difficult for players who live far away from these facilities. On the other hand, gel blasters can be used in any open space that is safe to shoot in. Additionally, gel ball ammo can be purchased online or at local hobby stores, even where paintballs are not readily available. Overall, accessibility is important for those looking to get into outdoor recreational shooting games. Gel blasters offer convenience and ease of use, making them a great alternative to traditional paintballing.

Exploring various styles of recreational shooting can be an exciting experience, but it’s crucial to understand the regulations and laws that come with it. Gel ball blasters are gaining popularity in some areas, but it’s essential to remember that they may only be legal in some places. For those who seek a more hands-on and immersive experience, paintball could be their cup of tea. However, when it comes to choosing between the two, it ultimately boils down to individual preferences and situations.


What types of guns are used in gel blasting?

Step into the world of gel-blasting guns, where small plastic pellets filled with gel come to life. Dubbed “blasters,” these guns come in different styles, sizes, and power levels, making them an exciting choice for beginner and advanced users. Popular brands include JinMing, Kublai, and Wells, each offering a unique experience for gel-blasting enthusiasts. These guns can be manual or electric-powered, taking the thrill of the game to the next level. Remember the “ammo” or “gel blaster balls” – available in different colours and sizes for a customisable experience. It’s important to note that gel blasters have varying legality in different parts of the world, so always check your local laws before purchasing. Get ready to blast your way into the world of gel-blasting guns.

Is gel blasting safe, and how do you ensure safety during the game?

While it can be a fun activity, it’s crucial to understand the importance of taking necessary precautions to ensure overall safety during gameplay. Before starting a game, ensure all participants know the activity’s rules and regulations. Ensure all necessary protective and tactical gear, including eye and mouth protection, is worn. Players should also use appropriate gel blasters according to the guidelines set and avoid aiming for the face or head of other players. Safety should always be a top priority; you can build a custom-designed, dynamic playing field. These precautions allow gel blasting to be enjoyed safely and without any incidents.


All in all, gel blasters represent a fantastic alternative to paintball if you want something more realistic but easier on the bank account. The guns are surprisingly affordable and far less messy than traditional paintballs. Plus, with realistic features such as scopes and actual recoil mechanisms, you can pretend you’re living out an action movie scenario. It’s no surprise that the hobby of gel blasting has seen such immense growth over the past decade — from small skirmishes to larger-scale events at indoor battle arenas, it’s clear that gel blasting is here to stay! Whether you’re just getting into the sport or are a long-time player tired of always being covered in paint, gel blasters could be just what you need for your next battlefield experience.


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