How Often Should You Colour Your Hair?

Everyone goes through times when they simply want a change. Change your hair colour to shake things up and feel revitalized if you’re unhappy or just tired of your existing appearance. However, how often should you colour your hair? You can enjoy a fresh style while maintaining the strength and health of your hair with these simple hair colour recommendations from a hair colour specialist.

How Often Should You Change Your Hair Colour?

According to any modern hair colour specialist, you are free to dye your hair as often as you desire. However, it’s essential to know how often you should colour your hair to prevent damage to the overall health of your hair. The kind of colour you choose and the initial condition of your hair will impact how often you opt to colour it.

More often, temporary and semi-permanent colours are ideal and used in a hair salon. Generally speaking, the suggested period for colour maintenance is at least 6 to 8 weeks, whether using demi-permanent or permanent hair dyes.

If mismanaged, the strong chemicals might harm your hair. The kind of dye you choose will significantly impact how long and how often you may colour your hair hertube .

Temporary Colours

Temporary colour lasts the least length of time and will often come out after your first wash. So, any hair colourist will tell you that you may use temporary hair colour as often as you’d like, and it won’t hurt your hair or be hard on it. You may dye as much as you want!

Semi-Permanent Colours

According to every modern hairdresser, a semi-permanent dye can withstand three to six washes. Since semi-permanent hair colour does not permeate your hair, you may apply it weekly. Additionally, semi-permanent hair dye doesn’t “lift”—that is, lighten—your natural hair colour.

This is due to the peroxide-free nature of semi-permanent dyes (unlike demi-permanent and permanent dyes). They may make your colour darker but not lighter. Put another way; they can change your hair colour from honey blonde to brunette but not the other way around.

Demi-Permanent Colours

The lifespan of demi-permanent dye is 20 washes. So, every hair colour specialist will tell you that you can use this low-level peroxide dye every 6 to 8 weeks. The demi-permanent dye leaves behind colour, and it cannot change the colour of hair.

But unlike semi-permanent colour, which effectively “sits” on top of your cuticle, the peroxide is what permits it to permeate your hair shaft. Demi-permanent colour retains its vibrancy a bit longer than semi-permanent.

Permanent Colours

The dye that lasts the longest is permanent. According to every hair colour correction specialist, re-dying is generally safe every 6 to 8 weeks. Permanent hair dye deposits colour while also lightening the hair.

The developer, a substance that facilitates the hair dye’s penetration into your hair’s cuticle and deposit of colour, must be used in conjunction with this specific kind of dye since it is the only one that will conceal grey hair.

Are You Using Bleach?

Bleach is used to remove colour to lighten the hair. Theoretically, it is not a dye. However, since it’s permanent, it’s often used for colouring hair, mainly if you go from brown to blonde. Because bleach damages hair, every hair colour specialist advises avoiding applying it too often.

Additionally, you want to be careful not to bleach already bleached hair. This implies that you should refrain from bleaching again for at least 8 to 10 weeks once your new hair has fully grown.

How Can You Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer?

If you want to avoid colouring your hair every other week, there are many tips to help you with that.

  • Colour-safe shampoos are made with coloured hair in mind. Therefore, hair does not become lifeless or lose its colour.
  • Due to the chemicals in the dye, hair that has been coloured might be vulnerable. So, if you often use your blow dryer in the morning, you should consider using a heat protectant.
  • Deep conditioning is a valuable method for achieving this. You may purchase deep conditioners over the counter or prepare your own at home using coconut or olive oil.
  • According to every colour correction specialist, colour glosses can keep your colour looking fresh and vivid while moisturising.

Colour Your Hair Without Worries

A fantastic approach to updating your appearance is to dye your hair. So, how often you should colour your hair will mostly rely on the kind of dye you’re using. When in doubt, give your hair a breather between dye sessions, experiment with colour-safe products to safeguard your locks, and see a hair colourist in Melbourne if you have any worries. These colour specialists will be able to address any queries you may have and guarantee that your hair is in excellent condition.