How to play Dead or Alive game?

The theme of the Dead or Alive online slot is Old Wild West. Here you’ll be a spinning gunman and illegal symbols, guns, beer, cowboy boots, fedoras, and sheriff’s badges. The graphics are only two-dimensional but beautifully drawn. In this game, his character is a cop trying to catch British outlaws, of whom there are five. 

Play with dead or alive symbols and enjoy features

The Japanese version of the game has very few symbols, so the odds are high. The symbols are the same whether you’re playing Dead or Alive in the paid or demo version. It has wild symbols, scatter symbols, five high-value symbols, and another five low-value symbols.

Wild in this online slot machine is wanted illegal cartels. It also pays a lot of currency, as shown below:

  • 5 – 1,500
  • 4 – 150
  • 3 – 25

Scatter is a symbol with two revolvers. If it lands, it will give free spins. If this happens, the mobile slot will trigger the bonus round and you will get 12 free game spins. In this free game of life and death, the reels will spin 12 times, using the last bet that triggered the round. Your funds will not be charged during free spins. Scatter symbols also pay coins, and the number of coins you win depends on the number of scatter symbols that land.

  • 5 – 2,500
  • 4 – 25
  • 3 – 4


Free Spins – When you trigger and play デッド オア アライブ2 スロット free spins, if you land scatter symbols during the bonus round, you can retrigger them again. In this round, all wins are automatically multiplied by 2. Sticky Wilds appear in Free Spins mode. There are five of these gunmen. If they do land, they’ll stay in place even after re-spinning the reels, thus giving you more chances for possible winning combinations. If you retrigger the free spins, the sticky wilds will stay where they are.

5 of 3 Paytable Symbols

  • Wild 1500 150 25
  • Scatter 25 + 12 Free Spins 4 + 12 Free Spins
  • Sheriff 1000 125 20

Buttons and their functions

The player has to click a few buttons to operate the video slot. Below is a guide to these buttons and how they work. All these buttons are at the bottom of the grid.

Bet Level-This is a button that allows you to adjust the number of coins you bet on each row.

Coin Value-This is the button you need to click to adjust the actual coin value of each coin. The coin value can be set between 0.01 and 0.05.

Maximum Bet – If you don’t need to manually set coins and are ready to bet, just click this button. Doing this costs 1.8 per spin. That is 0.2 bets per line.

Rotate-Located at the bottom center of the game grid. Once you have set a bet, you can rotate the reel by simply clicking on it.

AutoPlay-If you want the machine to play for you, click this button to keep it spinning. During an auto spin, the bet used is the same as the last bet set.

Tutorial How to operate the game

Anyone can play this casino game as it does not require any special skills. All you have to do is place a bet and let luck be on your side. Here’s how to play dead or alive slots:

The first thing you have to do is choose the value of each coin. The next step is to choose how many coins to bet on each line. In this online slot machine, you can bet up to four coins per line. If your coin value is 0.05 and you choose four coins per row, you spend 0.2 per row. Since all pay lines are active, the coin value and bet level will be multiplied by 9. In the example above, you bet 0.2 per line, and the total bet for the spin is 0.2 X nine lines = 1.8.

Dead or alive cell phone

Whether your device is on Android or iOS platforms, you can access this game because it is mobile-friendly. It works in any browser, all you need to do is access the game from an online casino or casino review site. One of the newest games with a similar theme, the Wanted Outlaws Slot Demo, is available for free. Dead or Alive: Summary

This one-armed bandit is a simple but feature-packed machine. It’s faithful to the modern slot machine genre, but without the intricately cascading symbols of the new design. Here, all you need is a gamble and a little luck for a massive win of up to 2,500 coins in death or life. Use this opportunity to develop your slot machine strategy and have fun at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Dead or Alive for free?

Yes, our site offers free dead or live slot machines. Online casinos allow registered players to try Dead or Alive games for free before placing real money. Choose one from our list!

Are there free spins in Dead or Alive?

Yes, if you land a scatter on the grid 3 times in a spin, it will trigger 12 free spins.

Can I earn real money by playing Dead or Alive?

Yes. However, only if you bet the actual money. You can only do this if you are registered with an online casino that offers Dead or Alive slot games.