How to play Mau Binh is simple for newbies to know

How to play Mau Binh is always one of the popular topics, attracting a large number of players to participate. It is a card game full of intelligence and art, bringing high challenge, capable of satisfying the practical needs and requirements of each player when interested in card games. Join Nhà Cái Hi88 to learn how to play Mau Binh card game Simple and detailed to help each person proactively approach and conveniently participate in the game according to their needs!

Basic terms you need to know in the card game Mau Binh

Learning about the basic terms used is a basic requirement that needs to be grasped when studying How to play Mau Binh. From there, the process of participating in this card game will be proactive, always smooth and convenient as required. Learning about terminology helps with your approach to gameplay Mau Binh card game is easier for each player. Specifically:

Terms you need to know in the card game Mau Binh

Chi in how to play Mau Binh

It is understood as a set of 3 or 5 cards arranged to form a group. Each player arranges the cards into 3 hands with 2 hands of 5 cards and 1 hand of 3 cards.

Hall break box

This is a branch with 5 cards that are both a flush and a straight with 5 consecutive cards of the same suit. Straight barrels will only appear on branches with 5 cards.

Four quarters

A term to refer to hands that possess 4 cards of the same value. And four-of-a-kind can only appear in genera with 5 leaves.

With him

InHow to play Mau Binh, 3 leaves in a 5-card genus have the same value, and the remaining 2 leaves in a genus have the same value. The flood will only appear in hands with 5 cards.

Barrels and Halls

Refers to any hand with 5 cards of the same suit. Straight only refers to deals with 5 cards. In which the leaves will form a consecutive row and have any quality.
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When learning about How to play Mau Binh It can be seen that the term tam co refers to hands with 3 cards of the same value in the 3-card hand. If in a 5-card hand, the remaining 3 cards must have different values.


Only cards have 2 pairs of the same value, and the remaining cards have a different value from the previous 2 pairs. Beasts will only be able to occur in hands that include 5 cards.


2 cards of the same value in the same suit. At the same time, the remaining cards differ in value.

Mau bid

This term in How to play Mau Binh to indicate that there are only cards that are different in pairs. For a hand that owns 5 cards, that hand must not form a flush or straight.

Leaky soldiers

In Mau Binh, these are the branches arranged in order from largest to smallest. In which genus 1 and genus 2 have 5 leaves, genus 3 has 3 leaves.

How to play Mau Binh online in detail

Regulations in the card game Mau Binh, the order of strength and weakness of the cards will be calculated from 2 to A. In particular, the consideration will only be based on size, completely disregarding the quality of each specific card.

The basic way to play Mau Binh card game is for the player to arrange to have limb 1 stronger than limb 2, limb 2 must be stronger than limb 3. In case of not calculating in the correct order the value between the limbs will be counted as a casualty.

  • Strength and weakness in the inner limbs How to play Mau Binh will be: Barrel breaking the hall > four quarters > all flood > barrel > hall > repentance > beast > pair > mau bid > cavalry.
  • Once the card dealing has been completed and the cards are sorted, the process of comparing the players’ cards will be conducted.
  • Players compare corresponding limbs to determine win or loss, calculate points and calculate money for each specific limb.
  • After the 3 hands have been compared, the calculation and prize giving are completed, the game ends.

Basic ways to play Mau Binh that you need to understand

Some special winning cases with Mau Binh

When learning about How to play Mau BinhYou need to update information about special winning cases according to regulations. At this point, the player is considered to have directly won the entire match without needing to calculate or compare each limb. Specifically:

  • Dragon Hall: owns a 13-card card with values ​​from 2 to A that may or may not be of the same suit.
  • Luc Po Bon: the player’s deck of cards has a total of 6 pairs, with any odd 1 card. Couples in the deck do not require a turn and can appear randomly.
  • Three of a kind: the player owns a deck of cards with all 3 suits being of a kind.
  • Three straights: all 3 hands in the dealt deck of the player owning 3 straights.

Some special cases of victory in trade war


Know How to play Mau Binh in a detailed and specific way to help you participate in select smoothly, while also providing interesting, new and attractive entertainment. Before starting the experience, fully grasping the necessary related information is a basic requirement that cannot be ignored. Participate in playing Mau Binh with Hi88 to have hours of fun, select and receiving attractive money.