How to Prevent Hair Fall Due to Diabetes

There are several things to do to prevent hair fall from diabetes. One of the main ways to do this is to manage your blood glucose level. You may want to try reducing your sugar intake, taking insulin, or even avoiding certain foods. If none of these treatments work, you may want to consider consulting a doctor.

Insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is an underlying problem in the body that makes the cells resistant to the hormone insulin. This problem can occur even in people with normal blood sugar levels. There are several factors that can cause insulin resistance, including too much body fat, steroid medication, and lack of physical activity. People with diabetes often experience some level of insulin resistance, but it is often difficult to identify.

In type 1 diabetes, the immune system attacks blood cells and blood vessels. This condition results in hair loss. Type 2 diabetes can also result in hair loss.

Iron deficiency anemia

People who suffer from iron deficiency anemia have an increased risk of hair fall. Iron helps transport oxygen in the blood and when there is an iron deficiency, hemoglobin is not produced as well as it should be. As a result, the blood does not receive the proper amount of oxygen and this leads to a decrease in energy levels. Iron deficiency also affects the skin, hair, and nails, so you might notice brittle fingernails or dry hair.

The best way to treat this condition is to eat more iron-rich foods. Meat is a good source of iron. Meat, especially red meat, will help the body absorb more iron. If you are vegetarian, you may need to supplement your diet to get the right amount of iron. Vitamin C will also help the body absorb more iron from foods.


The relationship between hypothyroidism and hair fall is complicated, but there are some treatments that can help. One treatment involves controlling blood sugar and improving circulation. Another involves strengthening the hair follicles and boosting the regrowth of hair. If these treatments are not successful, hair transplantation may be necessary.

A thyroid scan or ultrasound can detect hypothyroidism. A radioactive iodine uptake test can also detect the condition. Thyroid medications should be taken according to your healthcare provider’s recommendations. Your thyroid hormone level will be tested every six months and adjusted if needed. If you’re taking thyroid medication, you should stick to it. It’s dangerous to stop the medication without consulting your healthcare provider.


One of the first-line drugs for diabetes, metformin has many benefits and few side effects. It works by sensitizing body cells to insulin and reducing the absorption of glucose from the intestines. However, it does cause gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, stomach discomfort, and headache. Another possible side effect is lactic acidosis, a serious condition that can be life-threatening. Early signs of lactic acidosis include abdominal pain and breathing difficulties.

People with diabetes are at an increased risk for hair loss. This is due to uncontrolled blood sugar levels. Blood sugar plays a crucial role in all body functions, serving as the body’s primary energy source. When blood sugar levels rise, they can disrupt all body systems, including blood circulation.


One of the ways that diabetes affects hair growth is through hair fall. Exercise can help regulate glucose levels, improve circulation, and increase blood flow throughout the body. Exercise is also helpful for people who are insulin-resistant because it helps them use insulin more effectively. Diabetes is a serious problem and can lead to many complications, including hair loss.

While diabetes cannot be prevented, it can be managed with lifestyle and diet changes. Regular exercise can help control blood sugar and improve circulation in all body parts. Managing diabetes requires a healthy diet, including fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. In addition, diabetics should check their blood sugar levels regularly to ensure that they are on the right track.