I was on the phone while driving and met with an accident. Can a car accident lawyer help me?

Nowadays, many accidents are caused because of car drivers’ negligence. Mobile phones are huge and common distractions for drivers while driving their cars. If caught driving while you were on the phone, you may face legal actions or fines. Still, if you have a car accident while you were on the phone, the legal actions may be higher than expected, and the fines will be quite high. You may even face a lawsuit if you have hit someone. In such cases, you should first hire an experienced car accident lawyer like the Philadelphia car accident lawyer to help you handle the legal complications and negotiations with insurance companies efficiently.

Investigate and assess the case

The car accident lawyer generally investigates your case and gathers all kinds of information about the accident like witnesses, photographs, etc., and organizes other documents which can be required while handling the case. These documents include witness records and video footage of the accident scene. 

Negotiations with the insurance company

A car accident attorney will prepare the documents and paperwork required to get full claims and compensation from your insurance company. They will negotiate and settle the best agreement with the insurance company starmusiq .

Talking with the police

It is mostly advisable by your insurance company that you don’t admit your fault when asked by the police. Still, a false statement or lying to the police may get you in danger. You should lawyer yourself up before speaking anything in front of the law. They will deal with the police so that you will not get into huge trouble.

Representing you in the lawsuit

You might face a legal lawsuit if caught on your phone while in a car accident. A car accident lawyer knows how to deal with such situations best and will represent you in court if you were sued.


Insurance companies might not pay you claims and compensations if caught in a distracted driving case. You might also face a lot of legal complications and lawsuits if you are ticketed for driving while using your phone. In such cases, you would require an experienced law attorney by your side who can efficiently handle your case.