Pre-walking shoes – a bit of an extension on the subject

Pre-walking shoes are your child’s first shoes. We have already dealt with this issue when Keren wrote about her personal experience in buying pre-walking shoes for her daughter, but it seems to us that we have not dealt with it enough. Because of this, this article comes to explain a little more about pre-walking shoes and why they are so important for your child and his feet.


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In this article we will explain what pre-walking shoes are, when it is worth buying them, what benefits they provide and ways to measure a child’s foot.

Pre-walking shoes – a

short explanation

On the one hand, these are not really shoes even though they do look like shoes . These shoes come before first step shoes (sounds weird right?) And are basically the kind of socks that are shoes. These shoes are flat and without any special features, really think of a slightly thicker sock and one that looks like a shoe. The goal is to give the child the opportunity to learn to

walk as comfortably as possible.

Pre-walking shoes – when

to buy

Pre-walking shoes should be bought after the child begins to make his first hesitant steps that will arrive around the age of six months at the earliest. First of all, it is important to know

that a child should walk barefoot. The reason is that this is how he learns best. This is because when the child walks barefoot, his leg gets used to the fact that she is the one who should give the support to herself and nothing external will support her and this is what actually helps to improve posture. These shoes simulate walking as barefoot as possible (but of course it is not exactly the same) so you should use them when you go out with the child. Once they make

their first steps, they will not stop and try to stand and walk as much as possible so it is important that they be with shoes. Also, these shoes increase the friction to the ground so that they prevent slipping and keep the child’s feet.

Pre-walking shoes – the


Pre-walking shoes have a number of

benefits and the main one is that they give support to the child’s foot. We

said that the child should walk barefoot and that is true, but not just these

shoes exist. Shoes exist to keep our foot and to give support to the foot and

ankle. Pre-walking shoes are the most suitable type of shoes for your child at

this stage of his life and these are the shoes that will provide him with the

support his foot needs.


these shoes are designed so that your child will feel the ground on which he is

walking, just as if he were walking barefoot. In addition, the shoes protect

the child’s foot from temperature or not so safe areas like gravel or stones.

More than that, shoes maintain the hygiene of the feet, both in terms of dirt

and in terms of impurities.

Pre-walking shoes – ways

to measure the child’s foot

You should know that it is important to measure a child’s leg about once a month. This is because at these ages, they grow very fast so the size of their shoes changed quite quickly. Be

prepared to buy new shoes every month. It is possible to measure the leg at the pediatrician but if you want to do it yourself, at home, you can. There are many home measuring devices that can be reduced or increased as needed and they are suitable for you as well and not just for children. The more convenient (and cheaper) way is to simply take a plain A4 sheet, draw the child’s feet and measure the width and length with a simple ruler or tape measure. It is also highly advisable to measure the shoe for the child before buying. The fact that the shoe is in

size, does not necessarily mean that it fits. We hope you now know a little more about pre-walking shoes and now you can go to the nearest shoe store and purchase your child’s pre-walking shoes safely. Besure to measure the shoe before buying and take suitable and good shoes and not just those that look “fashionable”.