Psychedelic Shroom Delivery: Is It Legal and Safe?

Having a shroom delivery at your doorstep without anything to worry about is the ultimate dream. But we know that magic mushrooms are still illegal for recreational use.

Although Health Canada has permitted licensed professionals to allow some patients to undergo psilocybin treatment, obtaining approval is still challenging. There are criteria that they need to meet before they are accepted.

However, many mushroom users and even dispensaries have high hopes that it will soon become accessible. Similar to cannabis, dispensaries are repeating what they have done before. Despite the illegality of cannabis, they offer the product. Due to its demand and supporting studies, it is now legal to buy, sell, and use marijuana. That’s what dispensaries are doing today.

They are selling mushrooms, and since people want them and more studies show how useful they are, they should be legal for recreational use soon. For now, shrooms are purchased discreetly. There are physical dispensaries that offer the item but require a prescription. However, there is also online shrooms delivery in Canada where you can buy without the risk of getting caught.

Is it Legal to Buy Online?

Technically, buying, selling, and using shrooms are illegal. Therefore, you have to be careful when purchasing and using them. Don’t try to attract any attention that can get you in trouble.

Despite being illegal, the best way to purchase is online. Securely purchasing mushrooms in Canada is possible. You need to find an authorized dispensary that offers laboratory-tested and safe products.

In addition to buying from a legitimate source, you’ll need to be of legal age when using psychedelic mushrooms (19+ years old). If you know a good shop and are of legal age, purchasing mushrooms will be easy.

Why Get Shrooms Delivery?

Shrooms delivery offers multiple positive reasons when you want to try it. First, it’s a technique to ensure you don’t run across the police. The goods you get from an online dispensary are also guaranteed to be 100% safe, lab-tested, and legal.

If you buy your mushrooms from a shady dealer, you can sometimes not be sure that what you get is of better quality. Also, legal sellers can offer discounts and are much cheaper.

If you want to locate a legitimate source, you can quickly search for “shrooms delivery near me” or “shrooms delivery in Canada” and find what you need. Or, you can go to Zoomies Canada, a store that sells safe and lab-tested mushroom products.

You do not have to think about your psychedelic experience when you source your shrooms from legitimate shops. You’ll know that you are going to have the best time. Here are some more reasons why you should choose to buy mushrooms online rather than from someone you just met.


The first thing that online dispensaries offer is convenience. You can browse through a wide selection of products without going out. There are multiple versions you can get, from dried mushrooms to edibles. Also, some dispensaries offer grow kits so you can start your batch of shrooms at home.

Searching for the things you wish to buy makes it simple. There are several filters available for your convenience. Furthermore, you don’t have to leave your house and worry if someone might see you purchasing them. You can buy a lot without carrying them around. Then, in a short period, you’ll get your orders safely packed and sealed for freshness.

More Options

You only get limited options when you buy shrooms from someone in the hood or foraging in the wild. Most offer popular strains; if not, you only have a few selections. Online shopping gives you the advantage of a wide selection of products. Instead of only having dried options, you can try something new like microdose capsules, edibles, caffeinated drinks, etc.

In addition to multiple selections, these products are safely prepared. So, the ingredients are carefully tested and measured to make sure they are of the highest quality. It is essential to note that some mushroom products are costly because they contain fine ingredients. If you find a cheaper version, you better think twice before buying.

Available at All Times

You don’t have to wait for a shop to open or meet up at a specific time. Online dispensaries are open 24/7. You can browse online stores anytime and add your order, even if it’s 2 in the morning. Furthermore, there is no need to wait to pay for your goods. You can proceed to the checkout page and settle your purchase there.

Save Money and Time

High-quality mushrooms are not cheap, but they are not extremely expensive. When you buy from legitimate online stores, you can even save more because you can get them in bulk. Bulk orders from online stores often offer discounts, unlike those from a dealer. You can also save time and transportation costs when shopping online.

Guarantee Safe

Hunting for mushrooms is dangerous if you lack the knowledge. Buying from someone you barely know can also be a scam. So, to be safe and 100% sure of your purchase, only make transactions with legal dispensaries.

You get the best quality shroom delivery service when buying from legitimate shops. You can also ask for help if you do not know what to buy. Their expert team can offer some advice. You can also be sure that the products you purchase are effective. There are customer reviews that can prove the item’s standard.

Buy Only from a Reputable Source

Do you want to ensure you get the best quality of mushrooms in Canada? Visit Zoomies Canada, an online dispensary offering various psychedelic mushrooms and products. You can get your hands on dried shrooms like Golden Teachers, Blue Meanies, etc.

There are also lab-tested edibles, powdered drinks with medicinal mushrooms, and microdose capsules. All products are individually packed to guarantee that they are safely sealed. They offer free shipping when you purchase over $149 in their shop.

Buy Online and Stay Safe

There is no other way to experience convenience and safety than to purchase online. Magic mushrooms are illegal in Canada, so if you want to stay discreet, you can order them from legitimate dispensaries. Now you can enjoy a meaningful trip without needing to leave the comfort of your home.