The Many Design Possibilities With Hexagonal Tiles

It’s no secret that the shape of a tile can make all the difference when it comes to decorating a room. Tiling a room gives you multiple options and creates the perfect atmosphere for each project. Be it an eye-catching space, a modern space, a vintage space, a contemporary space, or an eclectic space, everything is possible when you combine tile formats. The hexagonal piece is becoming more and more popular. Hexagonal tiles open up a world of creativity for professionals. That’s why we’re going to show you the key to decorating with hexagonal tiles in the next lines, while keeping in mind that they’re a trend in their own right.

Creative ways to decorate with hexagonal tiles

The first thing to remember is that hexagonal tiles give you lots of choices when it comes to decorating.

Hexagonal tiles as cladding

You can use hexagonal tiles to cover walls, either all or part of them. To do this, make sure you measure the space before you lay them and adjust the shape of the tiles as you go.

Hexagonal tiles as flooring

Similar to cladding, hexagon tiles can also serve as flooring for a room. Like cladding, you’ll want to ensure that the tiles are evenly distributed and that you don’t have to cut them. Hexagonal tiles can be laid on the floor of the room as a whole or in sections to create a more unique look.

Hexagonal tiles as decorative elements

In addition to these two options, you can use hexagonal tiles to add a touch of elegance to your space, accentuate a specific area on the walls, or create a carpet that divides the space. Creativity and imagination are key. Hexagonal tiles give a room an extra dimension and work well with any style of decor. You could say they are all terrain tiles and when used together they can create works of art.

Color trends in hexagonal tiles

As we mentioned earlier in the post, the uniqueness of hexagonal tiles is further enhanced by colour. As ceramic experts, we strive to create pieces that cover a wide range of colours to meet the needs of both novice and experienced users. However, we do highlight a few chromatic ranges:

Green hexagonal tiles

Decoration trends are getting more and more focused on biophilic design and how it ties in with nature. So, green can’t go out of style.

Blue hexagonal tiles

Also noteworthy are the blue hexagonal tiles, which are perfect for creating a Mediterranean-style room. When installed as flooring or adhering to a bathroom wall, the design can replicate the closeness of the sea.

White hexagonal tiles

It’s no secret that white is the ultimate neutral colour, and that’s why it can’t be overlooked in your ceramic designs. White hexagon tiles can be combined with other tiles to create a more laid-back vibe. Hexagonal tiles are available with Hyperion tiles come in a variety of colours to suit all types of decor.