The seasons in Turkey

There are many different areas of life that are characterised by seasonality. However, is it a common feature of the property market in Turkey and when are flats more affordable – during the summer or the cold season? Let’s see if there is an ideal season for buying an apartment on the Mediterranean coast, and when there is a better chance of getting a “hot” offer.

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  • The seasons in Turkey
  • Which time is better to buy in the summer or winter
  • How much does the price of property vary according to the season?

It is difficult to identify the best time period when a property will be cheaper, both in a city and on the seaside. However, this is due to the constant restocking of offers and the high competition amongst property developers, many of whom are trying to make the most advantageous purchase conditions to attract clients. The season influences the range of offers but not the price of the property for sale in Turkey.

Statistics confirm that most deals are concluded in spring and fall when the selection of properties is more interesting and varied. In addition, during the spring and autumn months, the weather conditions are the most pleasant, particularly for those who cannot handle the hot summers. Having a holiday on the beach is one thing, and it is quite another thing to drive around construction projects and view properties under the burning sun. For this reason, secondary landlords usually prefer to put their properties up for sale at the end of the season.

Most holiday homeowners earn money by renting out their properties between May and October. During this time, when the owner has settled tenants, there are limited chances to take potential buyers to view the secondary properties. After the tourists are gone, the sales season starts and the property owners contact a real estate company.

Which time is better to buy in the summer or winter

Moving away from the lyrics and looking at the matter from a merely practical point of view, conclusions can be made that help to make the best possible solution for the flat question.

During the summer months, the apartment complex or villa looks more pleasant in sunny weather than on cold, gloomy days.

Nevertheless, adverse weather conditions can help you to identify possible shortcomings in your home. Just to make sure that your home isn’t too cold in the winter or too humid in the fall, for example. You should take into account that with the coming of cold weather, the swimming pools are drained and the green gardens are faded, meaning that you won’t be able to fully appreciate all the charms of the complex and its grounds.

However, if you are questioning whether you have to buy a property in Turkey during the winter, the advantages of buying property in the colder seasons are well worth consideration.

  • Waterproofing assessment

Winters in Turkey are characterized by high humidity. So, if the waterproofing is too poor, the ground floors are covered with mustiness, and if it rains for a long time, the water can leak into the house. In winter you can properly assess the level of protection of the building structures.

  • Testing the level of heat in the room

Since the cold season in Turkey is short, most regions use air conditioning to heat homes. An underfloor heating system may also be installed, most often in the bathrooms and kitchens. The cold season is an ideal time to assess the level of heat in the flat.

  • Checking winter services

The infrastructure of the residential complex is maintained by a professional maintenance company. Certainly, there is a lot of cleaning and landscaping work carried out during the holiday season, but during the winter the level of service can drop. During the winter season, you will be able to check the quality of services and assess the real situation.

Taking into consideration the pros and cons of both warm and cold months of the year when buying property in Turkey, you will be able to decide which features are most important to you and make the best decision and buy the ideal property for sale in Turkey and turkish citizenship also.

How much does the price of property vary according to the season?

The season does not have a significant influence on property prices, as the buying potential in Turkey has remained at a high level all year round.

So there is no straightforward correlation as to what time of year buying a property in Turkey is best. Generally, house prices depend on other, more serious reasons: currency exchange rates, inflation, mortgage rates, political situation and other important economic factors.

Although it is difficult to say when it is advantageous to buy a certain property, as the building industry in Turkey never stops, a “hot” offer can appear even at the peak of the tourist season.

So the smart way for today is to keep an eye on the current real estate market in Turkey or ask for assistance from a legal real estate agency such as Tolerance Homes Agency.

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