The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Game Room at Home

Everyone loves to have a bit of fun and whether it is some alone time playing video games or a fun night with friends and family playing board games, having a designated space for the purpose is always a good idea. Surely it is difficult to spare a whole room to use as a place to only play games in but there are always untapped resources when it comes to space. For example, some portions of your basement, above the garage or an unused attic could easily be transformed into a gaming den. That is the beauty of it, you can find space for it almost anywhere without actually having a spare bedroom available.

All gaming rooms can be different depending on what kind of fun activities you plan on doing in them. However, here at We Buy Any House, we have come up with some of the essential things to consider and use as a guide when starting to create your ultimate gaming room.

1. Use Your Space Wisely

One of the first things to think about is the space you have available and how best to utilise it. Decide what types of games you would like to have in your gaming room and make sure you have the necessary space for it. It is worth remembering that some activities such as table tennis for example, require additional space around it in order to comfortably play. Be careful not to overpack the place because at the end of the day you want to enjoy spending your time in that room without feeling overwhelmed.

After deciding on all the things you want in your gaming den, it is then time to think about the layout and how to most effectively position everything. Invest in space-saving and dual-purpose furniture which will provide the practicality you need.

2. Lighting Makes All The Difference

Gaming is a very real and emotion packed experience so anything which will highlight that or contribute to it being such is welcome. One aspect of your set-up will 100% provide that extra touch and make all the difference to your gaming experience – lighting. Creating an ambient atmosphere through lights can fully transform your gaming experience in such a positive way. Consider using LED lights or strips in key positions which would enhance your gaming rather than be in the way of it. Some people are big fans of lava lamps or disco balls for their rooms since they keep theirs quite dark and lighting like this creates great ambiance. The reason natural light is not recommended in gaming rooms is because it can interfere with the screens and make it almost impossible to gain a good visual. That is why installing a good lighting system can take your gaming experience from zero to a hundred.

3. Pick the Best Entertainment Unit and Furniture

Once again, this part is highly dependent on the layout you have chosen and the space you have available. However, what is worth mentioning is that choosing an entertainment unit which is practical is key. You want to have space for all your gaming equipment, your gaming consoles and TV screens so it is vital that you stop at one with many cabinets and shelving space.

Moreover, if you plan on playing a lot of video games you must make sure you have the perfect desk and chair. Choosing a comfortable chair will make your experience so much better without having back pains. Alternatively, you could decide to invest in some bean bags and enjoy a more relaxed gaming environment. Whichever your choice may be, make sure you put your comfort first.

4. Soundproof The Room

We all know how noisy game rooms can get and how excited people tend to become when playing games. That is why it would be beneficial to both your neighbors and the other residents of your house to install a good soundproofing system. There are easy ways to do that without breaking the bank. Simple paneling or rubber lining can block out some noise going through doors and windows. Not only would it really help not to annoy others, but you would create a beautiful gaming experience because the sounds would not escape your room.

5. Add Decorations and Accessories

The way you decorate your space is just as important as everything else. Little things such as wall décor to displays of collectibles can show your personality and add character to the space. Another very essential part of any gaming room has to be having a mini fridge and a snack bar. We all know the struggle of being so fully invested in a game that we cannot find the time to go to the kitchen and grab something to eat or drink. That is why having refreshment drinks and snacks at armlength will definitely make your gaming experience truly spectacular.

If you are a big gamer and enjoy spending time playing all sorts of games, do not wait around and start planning your dream gaming den today.

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